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Brow lift for men

Over time, the brow’s position will gradually fall, causing many premature signs of aging. A fallen brow may falsely portray negative emotions, such as frustration, anger, fatigue and sadness. The eyes are an important feature, and a heavy or fallen brow will camouflage your ability to express yourself through eye contact.

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Men from all over Michigan, from Lansing to Warren, have experienced the positive difference Dr. Berkowitz’s forehead lift procedure can make. Contact us online to experience our personalized approach from Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa. Contact Us

Men’s Brow Lift?

If the expressions reflected in your mirror don’t match your inner emotions, our practice in suburban Detroit, Michigan can walk you through the benefits of a men’s brow lift. Even if you never thought about cosmetic surgery you may want to consider a brow lift for men. Contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Detroit’s best facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz offers many techniques to raise the brow or forehead that can tighten excess skin and reduce prominent horizontal forehead creases and vertical frown lines for a more youthful, refreshed appearance. A men’s brow lift is different than a woman’s and Dr. Berkowitz is an expert in facial anatomy

Consultation with Dr. Berkowitz is critical in determining the technique best suited for your unique cosmetic enhancement goals. This is also the best opportunity to determine if you are a good candidate and to discuss recovery and anticipated outcomes.

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