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RADIESSE Michigan is an FDA-approved treatment used to correct deep facial wrinkles and folds. Accents medical director and leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz enthusiastically embraces this next-generation technology for its long-term cosmetic benefit and high patient appreciation with little risk. RADIESSE uniquely restores volume and promotes the growth of the body’s own collagen without surgery, downtime or the risks of permanent implants.

Radiesse Behind the Scenes

Michigan’s Dr. Berkowitz explains, “RADIESSE raises the bar for the treatment of nasolabial folds, delivering safe and effective enhancement that stimulates new tissue growth and collagen deposition. This clinical response rebuilds the skin’s foundation so that wrinkles or folds treated with RADIESSE maintain the aesthetic correction over the long term. Overall, RADIESSE is a worthwhile investment that meets our patients’ demands, and often exceeds their expectations with high satisfaction.”

Designed with safety, durability and longevity in mind, RADIESSE Michigan is composed of micron-sized calcium-based particles in a water-based gel carrier that form a scaffold around which the body generates new collagen. According to Dr. Berkowitz, this unique mechanism of action is responsible for tissue anchoring as well as preserving the augmentation. The filler is gently injected into the skin in small amounts with a very tiny needle and is particularly well suited for treatment of the wrinkles between the nose and mouth (nasolabial folds) and other facial aesthetic applications. Treatment typically produces immediate cosmetic improvement with results that last an average of one year or more.

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