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Precision lift laser facelift

As we age, the supportive structures below our skin become less firm, which leads to a more lax skin tone and deep wrinkles. Although minimally invasive procedures like dermal fillers and BOTOX® injections can help keep the signs of age at bay for a while, they won’t correct the muscular changes deep below the surface of the skin. Previously, only surgery could repair and tighten your facial framework, but now there’s a new alternative available from our suburban Detroit practice: the Precision Lift Laser facelift.

If you’re ready to learn more about looking younger with this alternative to a traditional surgical facelift, contact us online to schedule a consultation and see if the Precision Lift Laser facelift may be right for you.

Understanding Aging

There are two essential components that contribute to facial aging: changes on the skin’s surface and deeper changes in the soft tissues of the face and underlying musculature. Both factors need to be addressed to maintain your youthful look for longer.

Surface changes like fine lines and wrinkles, age spots and changes in skin texture can often be addressed with minimally invasive surface procedures like chemical peels, dermal fillers or BOTOX® injections and a committed, proactive skin care routine. Yet, while many of our Detroit area patients can minimize their surface aging for quite a while, age and gravity continue to affect the deeper layers of the facial structure.

The SMAS layer, or the deep tissues and muscles that lie far below the skin’s surface, also change over time. Gravity continues pulling downward, while facial fat thins as part of the aging process. This combination leads to a hollow look and skin laxity that surface treatments can’t resolve on their own.

A traditional surgical facelift tightens the SMAS layer to provide a firmer structure over which the skin is redraped, and any excess removed. Although the results are permanent, the surgery is complex and requires a significant recovery commitment.

Before & After Precision Lift Laser Facelift

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The Benefits of Precision Lift Laser facelift

The Precision Lift Laser facelift helps patients achieve a more youthful appearance by tightening the muscles below the skin’s surface, improving definition throughout the jaw and jowls and reducing wrinkles. This cutting edge laser technology also makes surface changes at the same time, erasing fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of sagging, lax skin.

The effects of the laser energy stimulate tissue coagulation that in turn promotes your natural collagen production. The boost in collagen augments the immediate surface effects of the laser for continued firmness and a more youthful look that comes from below the surface.

During your treatment session, which should only take about an hour, the Precision Lift Laser facelift uses the ThermaGuide™ real-time temperature feedback monitor to ensure that exactly the right level of correction is being reached. At the first sign of overheating, the laser turns itself off to protect delicate skin and tissue. This self-regulating mechanism removes the possibility of either tissue damage or overcorrection, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for every patient along with superior results.

Recovery and Results

Since the Precision Lift Laser facelift procedure doesn’t require extensive incisions, sutures or even general anesthesia, recovery is very quick. Patients in the Detroit area will notice far less swelling, bruising and discomfort compared to traditional surgery, and can even drive themselves home after their treatment. Most patients are back to their normal routine in just a few days looking younger and more refreshed, without surgery or scars. The results of Precision Lift Laser facelift last as long as a surgical facelift: between five and 10 years.

The majority of patients will see an improvement in their appearance almost immediately after the more obvious corrections that are possible with the Precision Lift Laser facelift.

However, the benefits that are harder to see right away, like stimulating increased collagen production, will become more and more apparent over the months following your procedure. Your skin will continue lifting and tightening over time, so you’ll continue noticing improvements as the skin becomes smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking in addition to the changes you see right away.

If you’re ready to visit our office in suburban Detroit, our laser facelift can help you look younger and more refreshed without surgery or scars. Contact us online to experience our personalized approach to beauty, and see why Michigan residents from Ann Arbor to Grand Rapids are traveling to Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.

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