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Anti-aging Facials

All of the facials offered at Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa follow a basic regimen of cleansing the skin, deep cleaning the pores, exfoliating damaged skin cells, increasing circulation with massage, treating specific complexion issues and protecting the skin from environmental irritants. Facials are remarkably relaxing and you will find the session well worth your time and money—as will your skin.

If you’re ready to treat your skin, from moisturizing masks to microdermabrasion, our medical spa in suburban Detroit, Michigan is ready to help. Contact us online to schedule your appointment, and our experts will put together a skin care treatment and home care regimen specifically designed for your skin needs.

Corrective Facials

These facials target common skin concerns and help you balance out your complexion.
All Corrective Facials are approximately one hour in duration.

Acne Attack

Gain control of acne’s trigger factors using this customized facial treatment that targets the blackheads, white-heads, papules and pustules of our Sterling Heights clients. Following a deep cleansing and enzyme exfoliation, a unique medicated acne clearing mask is applied. AminoMask is then applied as a secondary target treatment. Finished with cold BeautyGlobe massage, the skin is calmed and redness reduced.

Oil Overthrow

Bring balance to oily skin during this results-oriented deep pore and tissue cleansing treatment. Cleanser is gently brushed onto the skin prior to an enzyme exfoliation and effleurage massage. RestorativeClayMask is then applied. Cold BeautyGlobe massage completes the treatment.

Moisture Magic

Dry, itchy or flaking skin is nourished as fined lines are smoothed & softened during this facial treatment. Following deep pore & tissue cleansing and enzyme exfoliation, European facial massage delivers moisture to dehydrated skin. Specially blended CremeTherapy mask is then applied prior to finishing the treatment with EyeArea, OxygenCocktail, and CrucialMoisture.

Combination Calm

Customized facial treatment uses enriched cleanser and enzyme exfoliation as the first steps in bringing balance to combination skin. European massage is then performed prior to applying an EarthMineral serum to the face & neck. An exceptional mask made of GelTherapy and MudTherapy is then applied. AbsoluteMoisture finishes the treatment.

Sensitivity Soothe

Hypersensitive, thin or easily irritated skin is soothed and calmed during this facial treatment. Following a soothing cleansing and fortified enzyme exfoliation, the face receives a gentle effleurage massage. A RestorativeClay mask is then applied, followed by EmergencySoothingPowder dabbed on any rosy areas. StressSolution and Absolute Moisture complete this facial.

Schedule a Consultation

If you’re ready to visit our office in suburban Detroit, our facelifts and facial skin care treatments will rejuvenate your skin so you feel refreshed. Contact us to experience our personalized approach to skin care, and see why Michigan residents from Ann Arbor to Lansing, are traveling to Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa. Learn more

Distinctive Facials

Meet with our skin care experts in the suburban Detroit area to learn more about pampering your skin with one of our deluxe facials. All Distinctive Facials are approximately one hour in duration – except where noted.

Accents Signature Facial

Boost aging skin with antioxidant vitamins and trace minerals to stimulate collagen and elastin while protecting against environmental irritants. Treatment includes deep tissue & pore cleansing, EnzymeTherapy exfoliation and an energizing massage of the face and neck.

Anti-Aging Facial

Boost aging skin with antioxidant vitamins and trace minerals to stimulate collagen and elastin while protecting against environmental irritants. Treatment includes deep tissue & pore cleansing, EnzymeTherapy exfoliation and an energizing massage of the face and neck.

Environmental Combat

This is an anti-aging facial that combats the daily stress encountered by today’s modern man. Custom treatments will also help to heal and protect the skin from shaving and sun exposure. Deep tissue cleansing, steam exfoliation, and therapeutic massage are used during this personalized treatment.

VitaMineral Power Facial

This specialty facial treatment infuses skin with VitaMinerals to firm, strengthen, smooth and clarify. Following the deep pore & tissue cleansing, EnzymeTherapy is performed and the hands & arms are generously massaged. VitaMineralPowerSolution is then massaged over the face and neck. The application of UrbanDetox, an appropriate protector and cold BeautyGlobe massage of the face, neck and V-area finish this treatment.

De-Stressing Spa Facial

The goal of this fun facial is to de-stress our Michigan clients. Skin is soften & smoothed using an appropriate cleanser (removed with YinAroma-therapyOil infused water) followed by steam exfoliation and the application RestorativeClay or CremeTerhapy mask. Hands and arms are massaged with CitrusFruitOil, and the face, neck & shoulders massaged with CrucialMoisture and CitrusFruitOil. An appropriate protector is used to complete this treatment.


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