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Almost everyone has experienced the frustrating phenomenon of eating right and exercising often only to contend with stubborn pockets of fat that refuse to budge.

If you’re ready to get rid of persistent problem areas that are unresponsive to a healthy lifestyle, laser liposuction – also known as SmartLipo – may be right for you.

The basics: What you need to know about SmartLipo

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Helps contour and define the body
  • Can target and remove localized fat deposits
  • Quick recovery period of one to two days
  • Safe and low-risk procedure
  • Very little discomfort

What can laser liposuction do for you?

  • Minimize love handles
  • Sculpt a flat abdomen
  • Achieve slim and fit thighs
  • Remove heavy rolls of fat from the upper back
  • Reveal contoured arms
  • Improve the appearance of heavy jowls and a double chin

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When to consider laser liposuction

To be considered an ideal candidate for SmartLipo in Detroit, patients should:

  • Be close to their ideal body weight
  • Want to address localized fat deposits throughout the face and body
  • Feature good skin elasticity

The SmartLipo difference

All types of Detroit liposuction are designed to remove fat cells. Laser liposuction accomplishes this goal by directing potent laser energy directly into the unwanted volume in order to rupture the cells and facilitate their removal with a cannula and gentle suction.

The heat from the laser destroys your unwanted fat cells while simultaneously searing tiny blood vessels closed, reducing bleeding and bruising during treatment.

The skin also contracts in response to the procedure, which creates smooth contours that can shave years off your appearance.

The efficiency of SmartLipo allows Dr. Berkowitz to use an exceptionally small cannula, which results in a more comfortable session, minimal tissue disruption, faster healing and smaller incisions. As such, the procedure is rapidly earning recognition among Michigan patients and plastic surgeons alike for its ability to deliver superior body sculpting results when compared to other liposuction methods.

The recovery: What to expect

SmartLipo has a shorter and more comfortable recovery period when compared to traditional liposuction techniques. However, you will still need to take a couple of days off from work to rest and focus on healing after the procedure. During that time, it is normal to experience some mild discomfort, bruising and swelling, though these effects will dissipate fairly quickly as you recover.

Your results

The results of laser liposuction are second to none. The procedure goes beyond delivering surface changes with slimmer lines and a smoother figure – it also coagulates the treated area, resulting in tighter skin and improved collagen production.

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