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You can’t get rid of cellulite by simply eating right and working out. It is a structural problem that forms far below the skin’s surface. For real results that last, you need to address the issue at the core – with Cellulaze.

Everything you need to know about cellulite

Cellulite is a commonly misunderstood condition. At first glance, it often appears to be the result of uneven fat accumulation that can be remedied by diet, exercise or liposuction. Unfortunately, the reality is not that simple.

Cellulite is difficult to treat because the dimples that you see on your skin are not caused by excess fat alone.

Rather, they develop due to a combination of unwanted fat cells and the connective tissue that lays overtop and forms a unique, honeycomb pattern.

These thick, fibrous strands of connective tissue press down against your fat cells. The cells respond by pressing upward through the honeycomb pattern, forming a lumpy and dimpled texture.

How the Cellulaze treatment works

Cellulaze is a breakthrough treatment that directly addresses the connective tissue that causes dimples to appear on the skin.

To perform the procedure, Dr. Berkowitz will create an incision and insert a narrow cannula into the treatment area. Precise laser energy inside the cannula will target the fibrous bands that cause cellulite to form. This mechanism will release the connective tissue while simultaneously minimizing your fat cells.

Before & After Cellulaze Michigan

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The benefits

Target the root of the problem

Cellulaze targets cellulite at the root of the issue – the connective tissue – to ensure a dramatic transformation.

Improve your skin

Cellulaze can increase the thickness of your skin by up to 25 percent and your skin elasticity by 29 percent. Firmer, more elastic skin contributes to a smoother surface, which can further reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Generate fresh collagen

Cellulaze treatments promote the development of fresh collagen beneath the skin, adding an additional supportive layer to ensure long-lasting results.

Your treatment experience

To perform your Cellulaze procedure, Dr. Berkowitz will begin by applying local anesthesia to numb the treatment area. He will then create a small incision and insert the cannula to target the connective tissue that’s causing your dimpled appearance.

Because Cellulaze is minimally invasive, most of our patients notice only mild discomfort during the procedure. The entire treatment experience takes between one and two hours, and when it is complete you will be free to return home immediately to begin the recovery process.

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Recovery + Results: What to expect after Cellulaze

The recovery period associated with Cellulaze is quick and comfortable, and most of our clients are back to their normal daily activities within a day or two. Once the incisions have healed, your scars should be virtually imperceptible.

It’s common to see visible results after just one Cellulaze treatment, with ongoing improvements over several months as the body’s internal collagen production continues to smooth the appearance of the treatment area. The results can last up to a year or longer as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

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