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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Excessive sweating can make it very difficult to lead a normal and enjoyable life. If hyperhidrosis is holding you back, Dr. Berkowitz offers a cutting-edge laser treatment that can help.

Quick quiz: Do you have hyperhidrosis?

  • Is your sweating extreme?
  • Are you embarrassed by your sweating?
  • Does your sweating interfere from your daily activities?

if you answered yes to any of these questions, your sweating may be problematic enough for a diagnosis of hyperhidrosis.

Why some people sweat excessively

Sweating is an important bodily function. The sweat glands operate as an internal cooling system that prevents the body from overheating.

You have sweat glands all over your body, but the greatest concentration is located in the palms, soles, underarms and groin. These glands are activated by a stimulus from the nerves that tells the body that it needs to cool down. In people with hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands overreact to the stimulus and become permanently stuck in the “on” position.

Your hyperhidrosis treatment options


BOTOX works by interrupting the chemical signals that your nerves emit to stimulate the sweat glands. Although the results can last for several months, maintenance sessions are necessary.

Prescription antiperspirants

Prescription antiperspirants can keep your underarms dry -- but they only treat the symptoms of hyperhidrosis, not the underlying cause of the problem.

Laser treatment

Dr. Berkowitz considers laser treatments to be the superior way to treat hyperhidrosis. This procedure targets the sweat glands directly to offer effective and long-lasting results.

A modern solution to hyperhidrosis

BOTOX and prescription antiperspirants may help stop the sweat temporarily – but they only mask your symptoms. In addition, they aren’t effective all the time.

For example, prescription antiperspirants may relieve underarm sweat, but they aren’t practical for use on the hands and feet. Likewise, BOTOX injections are helpful for patients with mild hyperhidrosis, but they aren’t reliably effective for more severe cases.

Laser treatment for hyperhidrosis is different. It is a safe, effective solution that can be applied to the underarms. And, using the ultra-focused PrecisionTx™ laser, Dr. Berkowitz can destroy the sweat glands without harming the surrounding tissues.

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Your results: What to expect after your treatment experience

Laser hyperhidrosis treatment results are extremely long-lasting and usually do not require any additional office visits.

In rare cases, a second treatment may be necessary to achieve your desired results. However, the majority of our patients are happy after just one session. In fact, a recent study showed that 80 percent of patients who received laser sweat treatment noticed a significant reduction in sweat in just two days, and 100 percent noticed an improvement in two weeks.

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