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What is Liposuction?

Losing weight isn’t always a matter of eating right and working out. You can everything right – some bulges of fat will simply stick around. When this occurs, Dr. Berkowitz can sculpt the smooth and contoured figure you deserve with gentle liposuction. This understanding and skill demonstrated by Accents Cosmetic Surgery arguably the best liposuction Michigan has to offer.

How does liposuction work?

Liposuction involves surgically removing unwanted body fat using a cannula and suction. A small incision is made in the skin, and the cannula is inserted through that opening. The surgeon then moves the cannula back and forth to break up and remove the problematic fat cells.

Your best body, revealed…

  • Reduce heavy jowls + a double chin
  • Reveal contoured inner + outer arms
  • Smooth fatty bulges on the hips and buttocks
  • Create slim + fit thighs
  • Remove unwanted fat from the knees
  • Sculpt shapely calves and ankles

Your liposuction Michigan options

You have four basic liposuction techniques to choose from: tumescent, ultrasonic, laser and traditional.


Tumescent liposuction involves injecting a large amount of liquid into the treatment area, swelling the fat cells so that they are easier to remove. From there, your surgeon will insert a cannula to break up and suction out the unwanted volume.


Ultrasonic liposuction uses a special cannula that emits sound waves directly into your unwanted fat. These waves turn the cells into liquid so that your surgeon can remove large, dense pockets of fat, while also tightening the surrounding skin.


Laser liposuction has become more popular in recent years. The approach uses a laser to remove unwanted fat and is associated with less discomfort and a quicker recovery period. It’s ideal for small, sensitive areas, such as the neck and jowls.


Traditional liposuction is similar to tumescent in that it uses a cannula and suction to remove unwanted fat from the body. It’s very effective, but it requires general anesthesia and is associated with more bleeding, bruising and pain.

Liposuction Michigan

Body-Jet Liposuction: Gentle. Modern. Effective.

At Accents Cosmetic Surgery in Detroit, Dr. Mark Berkowitz most often performs Body- Jet for our clients, which is an advanced form of tumescent liposuction. Not only does this technique allow him to remove unwanted pockets of fat, but it also tightens and firms the skin.

Compared to traditional liposuction, this technique is gentler, faster and more effective. It is minimally-invasive and uses the natural flow and gentle power of water to sculpt and reshape the face, neck and body. Which provides our liposuction Michigan with:

  • Low risk
  • Minimally-invasive
  • No stitches or scarring
  • Gentle + powerful technique
  • Less bleeding, trauma and bruising
  • Local anesthesia

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What to expect during your procedure

Body-Jet liposuction in Michigan is performed under local anesthesia for our Detroit patients. During the procedure, Dr. Berkowitz uses a water spray device that applies a gentle, pulsating stream of fluid to quickly and efficiently dislodge and break down the fat cells. The doctor controls the amount of pressure that is used throughout the procedure.

This is a much gentler and quicker form of liposuction, and it results in less trauma to the surrounding tissues. Thus, there is less bleeding, bruising and swelling. At the same time, the Body-Jet technique is more precise than traditional liposuction with improved skin tightening and body sculpting and fewer lumps and bumps for a superior cosmetic result. And because there are no stitches, there is no scarring.

Liposuction Before and After
Liposuction Before and After

Your recovery

When compared to traditional liposuction techniques, you can look forward to a recovery period that is associated with:

  • Less swelling
  • Minimal bruising
  • Minor discomfort

After Body-Jet liposuction with Dr. Berkowitz, most of our Michigan clients enjoy a quick and easy healing process with minimal downtime. In fact, liposuction Michigan patients can even drive themselves home after treatment and most are able to immediately return to work and other normal activities.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction offers immense aesthetic and health benefits to patients who undergo the procedure. When compared to other fat reduction and body contouring procedures, liposuction can easily be said to be one of the best, safest and most effective procedures available.

Liposuction Detroit
  • The results are almost instantaneous and you don't need to wait for days or months for the results to show
  • It is an easy way to contour and shape your body exactly how you desire
  • It can help completely rid the body of unwanted fat and can help resect lipomas which are benign fatty tumors located in various parts of the body
  • The effects of the liposuction last very long and the patient remains the same shape for much longer than in other procedures
  • It is an excellent way to address and diminish the irregularities in body contouring which are a result of other surgeries and procedures
  • It can help reduce the chafing in the thighs, under the armpits and in the belly region
  • It is a great way to identify and treat lipodystrophy, which is a genetic degenerative condition that results in the body being unable to maintain its adipose tissue level
  • Liposuction empowers patients and helps them get back their confidence. It also helps inculcate good habits like healthy eating and exercise

Liposuction Comparisons

Liposuction vs CoolSculpting

Liposuction is a surgical treatment whereas cool sculpting is a non-invasive treatment. While cool sculpting is perfect if you only wish to make very subtle modifications to your body contouring, liposuction is extremely beneficial if you intend for massive fat removal.

When combined with other cosmetic procedures like the tummy tuck, liposuction can give a brilliant result and return to you the beautiful, contoured body you deserve. Liposuction is also a better option than cool sculpting if you are targeting thick fatty tissues, as it is a more intensive cosmetic treatment.

Liposuction vs Tummy Tuck

While liposuction and tummy tuck are both excellent for body contouring, a tummy tuck can be an unwanted stressful procedure if all that you're looking for is a simple fat removal. Liposuction will help remove unwanted fat without affecting the health and quality of your skin. The skin around the surgical area will still be tight and wrinkle-free post-surgery.

A tummy tuck, on the other hand, involves resecting the skin to meet the surgical requirements of the fat removal and body contouring. It may ruin your beautiful and healthy skin, resulting in your requiring more cosmetic procedures. A liposuction can save you time, money and energy by giving you a beautifully contoured body without losing the quality of your skin in the process.

FAQ: Are my Body-Jet liposuction results permanent?

The fat cells that are removed via Body-Jet will not grow back. However, if you gain weight in the future, the fat will be distributed elsewhere on the body.

As such, it’s important to be committed to a healthy diet and exercise regimen before having Detroit liposuction, to ensure that you’re able to maintain your fit new figure for years to come.

Should I get Liposuction?

Liposuction has come a long way in recent years. Modern liposuction techniques produce better, smoother results, with a faster recovery time. If you struggle with fatty deposits that have resisted your best efforts in diet and exercise, you may want to consider undergoing liposuction treatments. Advanced liposuction is often used as part of another procedure, such as breast reduction or a tummy tuck, as it allows for the excess fat to be gently removed in reshaping the body or breasts.

Why is Body-Jet Lipo Better than Other Types?

Body-Jet Lipo works differently than traditional liposuction. It is minimally invasive, and results in far less bruising, swelling and downtime than earlier systems. The fat cells are gently extracted from the areas with an excess, such as tummy, thighs, buttocks, or back, for a more sculptured body shape. Highly concentrated water jets gently dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissues. The process is so gentle that most people are able to return to work immediately after treatment.

Why Choose Accents and Dr. Berkowitz?

Dr. Berkowitz has gained a reputation for his excellent work in both surgical and non-surgical treatments. He focuses on patient health and safety, and the use of the most advanced techniques and technologies for body sculpting, including the Body-Jet system. It is gentle and effective and has the added benefit of tightening and firming the skin for a smoother look after treatment. No stitches, scarring, and less trauma make this system the ultimate for sculpting areas such as face, neck and body. Rady to be free from unwanted fatty deposits? Find out more about the range of fat reduction treatments offered by a leader in face and body enhancements in the Detroit area, Dr. Berkowitz.

Is Liposuction Used in Other Procedures?

In many cases, the addition of liposuction can create a more complete body rejuvenation. For example, if you are undergoing a tummy tuck to repair loose abdominal muscles, liposuction may be used to extract excess fat from the area, and from love handles for a very sculptured, trim look.

Is Liposuction Painful?

As with any liposuction procedure, tiny incisions are created with a cannula, a small hollow needle. Many patients prefer to undergo the procedure with light sedation, simply for comfort, at there is anesthetic to numb the area. We will fully discuss how you feel about undergoing the procedure, and whether you prefer some type of sedation to make the process more comfortable. Whatever your wishes, we cater to them – we are here for you.

What is the Procedure Like to Experience?

Typically, liposuction involves injecting fluid under the skin and then extracting the loosened fat cells. With the Body-Jet system, smaller amounts of water are injected, and there is no need for the body-swelling, larger amount of water to be injected. This system is extremely efficient and leads to little to no bruising or swelling during recovery – a very significant difference. The process is so gentle that it allows the recovered fat cells to be used to enhance another area of the body in fat transfer procedures, such as a Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation, or facial volume restoration fat transfer.


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