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Do you need a new look because your old one seems tired? XEOMIN® is the new BOTOX® Cosmetic. It will reduce frown lines between the eyebrows, taking years off of your age. Injections of this new drug of incobotulinumtoxin A have the same results, but without additives.

If you have reserves about using BOTOX®, XEOMIN may be the perfect alternative. Contact us online to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options for skin rejuvenation from our suburban Detroit practice.

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Xeomin Metro Detroit, Michigan – Accents Cosmetic Surgery. For more information Xeomin® Metro Detroit, Michigan give Accents Cosmetic Surgery a call today. Contact Us

About Xeomin

XEOMIN has been approved in twenty countries, and used all over the world. It was recently approved by the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, for cosmetic use in the United States.

Its advantages over Dysport® and BOTOX® are twofold. One: it does not have to be refrigerated and will not lose its intended effect during transport. Two: the fact that it does not have additives decreases the likelihood that a patient will develop antibodies against it. The body’s natural reaction to a foreign object is to form antibodies and attack it. XEOMIN may have less of a tendency to cause this reaction. This drug was originally approved for cervical dystonia (neck pain and neck movements that are abnormal) and blepharospasm (spasms of the eyelid or abnormal blinking).

These types of injectable drugs should not be used interchangeably and should only be administered by a professional such as facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz. Dr. Berkowitz will perform this procedure in his sterile Sterling Heights office because places such as beauty salons, shopping areas and friends’ homes are not equipped to provide appropriate treatment.

Like BOTOX®, XEOMIN takes about a week for the full effects to be manifested and results will last for three to six months. Another treatment may be given at that time with the doctor’s approval. There are complications as with many medical treatments. There is a rare risk that the toxin will spread outside of the injection site. If so, swallowing and breathing problems may occur that could be fatal. A trustworthy doctor will discuss all risks with patients before administering the drug.

For sensitive patients, Dr. Berkowitz has an “Ouchless Needle” to make the treatment pain free. A pain-reducing vapocoolant is applied to the skin just before an injection, and most patients report that they are not even uncomfortable. A pain-free procedure may be the best choice of all.

If you’re ready to visit our office in suburban Detroit to see the difference XEOMIN can make in your appearance, contact us online. Come experience our personalized approach to beauty first hand, and see why Michigan residents from Troy to Grand Rapids are traveling to Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.

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