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The Y Lift available in Michigan at accents cosmetic surgery

The Y Lift can restore the youthful facial contours that are shaped like the letter “Y”. The face appears wide at the top in the eye and cheekbone region then narrows to a point at the chin. As we age, the arms of the “Y” shape begin to widen steadily downward. As this widening occurs, the youthful shape of the face begins to disappear and like a balloon, the face deflates and loses volume. The surface that was once taut becomes misshapen, wrinkled and sunken as a result of the aging process.

Y Lift Michigan

Structural Volumizing

The Y Lift replenishes the lost volume and restores youthful facial contours. The uniqueness of the Y Lift is that it not only revives the ideal youthful shape, but also enhances and beautifies the natural features making the procedure suitable for persons of all ages. It accentuates the cheekbone region, revives the under eye area and defines the jawline and upper neck instantly.

No Incisions, No Stitches, No General Anesthesia

The Y Lift procedure is performed using a specialized titanium instrument which is inserted beneath the skin and then maneuvered throughout designated parts of the facial region to instantly lift and contour the muscles, fascia and fat underlying the skin. Once lifted, hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the skin is used to hold the newly elevated position in place at which point the titanium tube is removed from the treatment site. The rejuvenated face is then “sculpted” to accent and highlight each individual’s beauty.

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4 Y Lift Procedures

  • Y Lift: a minimally invasive facial contouring which accentuates the cheekbones, under eye area, defines the jawline and lifts the upper neck with no incisions, no anesthesia and produces instant results.
  • Y EYE®: a brow lift that lifts the brow, adds shape to the eyes and fullness to a hollow temple in 15 minutes; lifts and tightens the face while accentuating the cheekbones and under eye area.
  • chYnjection™: reshapes the chin and jawline restoring your natural, youthful “Y shaped” symmetry.
  • skYnjection™: a quick, painless four-step process that instantly lifts and revitalizes the skin revealing a tight, beautiful and youthful glow.

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