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Evolve Tone by InMode is a cutting-edge nonsurgical treatment wherein four handheld applicators safely deliver rapid bursts of electrical impulses that stimulate your muscle’s motor neurons. The handheld applicators induce electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to facilitate rapid and repeated muscle contractions, thereby toning and shaping your body. Think of it as your body doing an intense workout while you relax.

The intensity of muscle contractions can be controlled by the patient or our staff, and it will be gradually increased over several sessions as you get used to the enhanced contractions. The goal is to have each session be intense enough to encourage quick muscle development without causing severe pain.

A single session of Evolve Tone essentially produces results that parallel the cumulative effects of weeks or months of regular workouts. Furthermore, since the technology includes four handheld applicators, you can simultaneously target four different muscle groups, leading to full-body muscle defining results.

Evolve Tone by InMode

What are the advantages of Evolve Tone?

  • Strengthens muscles
  • Sculpts and contours the body
  • Targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously
  • Nonsurgical and noninvasive
  • No intense pain or significant discomfort
  • Completely safe procedure with negligible risks or side effects
  • Session are as fast as 30 minutes
  • No downtime or recovery required after the procedure—the treated area will feel like it’s had a nice workout, however patients typically continue throughout their day as usual.
Evolve Tone

What does Evolve Tone treat?

Evolve Tone includes four hand-held applicators, which means you can target four specifically-chosen muscle groups simultaneously. While you can target most major muscle groups, most patients use it to strengthen, tone and tighten the muscles in their abs, butt, and legs.

How soon can I see the results?

Evolve Tone doesn’t produce immediate results because it induces muscle contractions to make them grow naturally over an extended period. Depending on your current physique and cosmetic expectations, you may need a series of 2 to 8 treatments over several weeks. As you progress through the treatments, your muscles will start looking larger and more toned. To an outside eye, the results will be obvious but natural enough that it may just seem like you’re hitting the gym really hard. And that naturally toned physique is always a bonus.

What is recovery from Evolve Tone like?

Evolve Tone is a nonsurgical outpatient procedure without any downtime or required recovery. You can fit in a treatment session during your lunch break and then resume your daily activities immediately. You may notice some redness and warmth in treated areas, which will dissipate in a few hours. You may also experience some muscle soreness due to the rapid muscle contractions, but that will feel no different than a gym session.

Before & After Evolve Tone

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Is Evolve Tone safe?

Yes, Evolve Tone is an FDA-approved and noninvasive procedure that causes minimal discomfort and has a negligible risk of side effects. It has also gone through extensive peer-reviewed studies. The system is also designed such that the patient can stop or adjust the device with the press of a button, making it completely safe.

Why choose Accents Cosmetic Surgery?

Accents Cosmetic Surgery is a state-of-the-art clinic led by one of Detroit’s most experienced and reputable plastic surgeons, Dr. Berkowitz. During your consultation, Dr. Berkowitz patiently discusses your cosmetic expectations and goals to curate the ideal Evolve Tone treatment plan that helps you achieve your ideal body while adhering to your lifestyle.

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