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Mini Lift

Have you ever wanted to get a facelift done but never needed your whole face to be operated on? The mini facelift is exactly what you are looking for. A similar procedure as a normal facelift, the mini facelift focuses on the wrinkles and sagging skin on the lower third of the face.

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The Mini Lift Michigan Procedure:

Much like a regular facelift, the doctor will create two incisions that will be right around the ear. The procedure is done without general anesthesia and you are in a chair very similar to one at a dentist office. You are able to talk to the doctor throughout the entire procedures which makes for a comfortable and successful makeover. You are awake for the entire lift and will be back at your home that very same day.

The Recovery:

An outpatient procedure, a mini facelift Michigan is quick and easy. This particular facelift creates minimal pain and discomfort which means you will feel back to one hundred percent within just a couple days. A couples of days with very little discomfort or tightness is what you can expect. Most of our patients commented and said that they only needed to take basic medication such as Tylenol.


The results are fantastic. Say goodbye to the wrinkles, saggy skin, extra fat, and excess tissue and welcome the new you. The procedure restores the chin by removing excess tissue and tightening the remaining tissue. Also, the mini face lift restores the losing definition of your jaw. A much more youthful you, you can expect your confidence and self-esteem to rise. Minimal scarring, side effects, conservative treatment, are among other benefits to having a mini face lift done. At Accents Cosmetic Surgery we try to provide the best mini facelift Michigan has to offer.

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