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Brow lift

A brow lift with Dr. Berkowitz can soften some of the signs of aging – such as lax skin and deep creases – while preserving your weathered, distinctly masculine look.

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The male facelift is an art form. It involves sharpening the angles of your jaw, neck, and chin to restore your refreshed and youthful profile.

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The male facial can soothe and calm skin that is easily irritated, ensuring a clear complexion that feels as great as it looks.

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Our male-centered skincare treatments involve soothing, protecting, and repairing damaged skin.

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Chin implants

A strong chin is a universal sign of masculinity. An implant can strengthen your jaw, define your chin, and create an overall more attractive appearance.

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Hair restoration

Dr. Berkowitz is proud to offer NeoGraft FUE to help his patients restore their full and healthy head of hair.

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Reclaim your masculine physique with Accents Cosmetic Surgery’s top-class Gynecomastia treatments

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CoolSculpting for gynecomastia

For patients with enlarged male breasts, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical way to get rid of unwanted fat cells in the chest area.

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Erectile dysfunction, a small penis, a bent penis, and other male problems can strain relationships and affect your overall wellbeing and happiness. The usual answer to these problems has been medications, pills, and surgeries, which all have side effects and may not help.

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Liposuction for Men

Male lipo at Accents Cosmetic Surgery will help you lose the love handles and regain a tighter, leaner midsection.

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