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How to pick your cosmetic surgeon

Undergoing surgery can be an anxiety-inducing process, so it’s important that you have the utmost confidence in the cosmetic surgeon that you choose. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure here are some tips for picking the right cosmetic surgeon.


Find out what previous patients have to say about a prospective surgeon. Pay attention to the positive and the negative reviews. What did others like about this surgeon, and what didn’t they like? How did the surgeon respond to any negative reviews or testimonials? Their response to criticism is just as important as the criticism itself. Remember that a decent surgeon should have at least a few very satisfied patients eager to sing their praises.

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Don’t undervalue the importance of carefully examining visual proof of a cosmetic surgeon’s work. While reviews and testimonials are subjective, photographs can give you a pretty accurate idea of what you’ll get from the surgeon. They will also tell you what the surgeon does particularly well. You wouldn’t buy an artist’s painting simply based on a verbal account of what they can do well; you want to see their body of work.

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Schedule time to chat

Be wary of doctors who won’t give you plenty of time and attention during your consultations. Even minor surgeries and procedures are a big deal when you’re talking about altering your appearance, so a doctor should put all your worries to ease. You should have an easy rapport with your surgeon. Beware of anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable about asking questions.

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Don’t price shop

The price of a surgery alone should never determine which doctor you choose, but this is especially true for cosmetic procedures. You want to look at the doctor’s record with the particular surgery you’d like, interact with them to see how the two of you mesh, and save up to spend what’s necessary. Trying to find a better deal to get a procedure done now instead of later can backfire and leave you unhappy with the results.

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We hope that this article has helped you in finding and choosing the right surgeon to perform your cosmetic surgery. Whether you are looking for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), a breast augmentation, or CoolSculpting (a non-surgical liposuction), each step in your surgical journey should be based on plenty of research.

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