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Accent Your Beauty

Ep. 1 - Cosmetic Surgery, Don’t Be Afraid!

Ep. 2 - Eyelid and Eyebrow Surgery

Ep. 3 - Hair Loss

Ep. 4 - Hair Restoration

Ep. 5 - Tattoo Removal

Ep. 6 - CoolSculpting

Ep. 7 - Botox and Fillers

Ep. 8 - Fat Transfer

Ep. 9 - The Staff’s Favorite Products

Ep. 10 - Q&A and Kybella

Ep. 11 - Audience Q&A

Ep. 12 - FDA Approved Fillers We Use

Ep. 13 - Q&A and Skin Care

Ep. 14 - Orbera (Weight Loss)

Ep. 15 - How to Handle Acne Scars

Ep. 16 - Our Office and Staff

Ep. 17 - Corrective Eye Surgery

Ep. 18 - Patient Appreciation Day

Ep. 19 - Our Sales Reps

Ep. 20 - Y Lift Procedure

Ep. 21 - Q&A

Video Testimonials

NeoGraft Michigan Hair Restoration

Laser eyelid surgery

Michigan Hair Restoration - Local 4 Spotlight

Laser Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty Michigan

Detroit Facial Fat Transfer by Dr. Mark Berkowitz

Smartlipo and Body Jet Liposuction Testimonial

Michigan Hair Restoration - Local 4 Today Interview

Dr. Berkowitz Live from VCS - Eyelid Surgery


Dr Berkowitz Reviews Top 5 Cosmetic Procedures at Accents Cosmetic Surgery

Neograft 1 week

Dr Mark Berkowitz Accents Medical Spa Review

Laser Skin Resurfacing For Darker Skin Types

Michigan Hair Restoration Testimonials - Dr. Berkowitz

Dr Berkowitz Has a Hair Transplant Performed on Himself at Accents Cosmetic Surgery

NBC Patricia Wexler discusses Exilis


Michigan Hair Restoration - NeoGraft (FUE) Method

Hair Consultation - Dr. Mark Berkowitz, Michigan Hair Restoration

Long Term Fillers Bellafill Dr Mark Berkowitz

Laser Hair Removal At Michigan Medical Spa

Michigan Hair Restoration Procedure Dr Berkowitz

Michigan Hair Restoration

FOX News Detroit Michigan CoolSculpting with Dr. Berkowitz

Eyelid Surgery

Michigan Hair Restoration

Live Bellafill Injection

Dr. Mark Berkowitz Discussing the Cosmetic Surgery Visualizer with ABC News

Tear Trough Live Injection

Why Accents Cosmetic Surgery?

Michigan Hair Restoration Sandra

Lumps and Bumps Post Radiesse and Juvederm

Coolsculpting,Smartlipo, Vaser Or More

IPL By Esthetician

Bellafill Acne Scarring Treatment - Dr. Mark Berkowitz, Accents Cosmetic Surgery

Michigan Hair Restoration

Restylane and Botox Frown Lines Glabella Wrinkles

Michigan Hair Restoration neograft Dr Berkowitz

Michigan Hair Restoration Commercial - No Surgery, No Scarring, Real Results!

Cosmetic Surgery Testimonial Detroit Michigan

Michigan Hair Restoration Dr Berkowitz Prepares For His Neograft Hair Transplant

Michigan Hair Restoration Commercial - DRB4HAIR.COM


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