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Light Therapy

Phototherapies combine light and heat energies to significantly improve complexion flaws and also to remove unwanted hair. Pulses of these combined energies are applied to the skin by a hand-piece, delivering treatment at different depths within the skin with minimal discomfort and no recovery time or restrictions for our Sterling Heights patients.

Phototherapies are performed to:

  • Remove unwanted hair long-term
  • Improve skin firmness, tone & texture
  • Fade dark spots & visible sun damage
  • Control rosacea and acne outbreaks
  • Conceal micro-spider veins

Several treatments are recommended for significant and longer-lasting improvements, and follow-up will likely be needed periodically to maintain any changes.

Restoring Even Skin Tone

Phototherapies reduce the redness and flushed appearance associated with rosacea. Light and heat energies are also able to reduce the appearance of thin spider veins. These energies are absorbed by the abnormal dilated vessels or uneven pigment, causing natural healing to occur.

Following a series of treatments, rosacea patients will likely reduce – or eliminate – the need for topical creams and oral medication, and our Detroit area patients with spider veins or broken capillaries will surely enjoy no longer being self-conscious.

Exposure to the sun over time will likely cause dark spots and uneven pigment to occur. Similar to treating the rosiness of rosacea, phototherapies target dark pigment and cause these cells to break down – which allow the skin’s natural pigment color to return.

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If you think you could be a candidate for phototherapy, contact us online to schedule a consultation at our suburban Detroit, Michigan practice. Contact Us

Long-term Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a tedious, invasive, and painful process of destroying unwanted hair one at a time and often requires years of treatment. In contrast, the Skin Station’s energy can effectively treat hundreds of hairs at the same time. Several treatments may be needed, depending upon the hair color, location, and growth cycle. Patients in the Detroit area are able to resume normal activities immediately after treatment and are not likely to experience side effects other than mild redness or swelling at the treatment site.

For more information on how phototherapies can improve your skin’s appearance and help you look your best, contact us online. Or, come visit our office in suburban Detroit, Michigan to see why locals from Grand Rapids to Warren are traveling to Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa in Sterling Heights.

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