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Accents Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa is now offering a new service called the QuickLift. The QuickLift is a minimally invasive facelift focused on the lower regions of the face. It is a great procedure for men or women over 40 who want to look like a more youthful version of themselves. The recovery time is short, and the results will last for years to come.

The procedure

The first part of the procedure involves making a small S-shaped incision around the ear (so the scar will be hidden once healed). The surgeon then gently lifts and tightens the facial muscles and connective tissue, using a purse-string suture technique. Depending on how elastic the skin is, the surgeon may use up to three concentric purse-string sutures. The surgeon then removes any excess skin and carefully closes the incision.

Depending on what the patient wants, the surgeon may also perform liposuction on the neck and jowl area. A submental tuck, in which a crescent-shaped piece of skin and fat are removed from underneath the chin, may also be performed.

When performed by itself, the QuickLift has a short recovery time—usually only a few days.

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Benefits of the QuickLift

The QuickLift is a great option for someone who wants to improve their appearance without going through an invasive procedure that requires a long recovery period. Here is a complete list of benefits of the QuickLift:

1. Younger appearance

The QuickLift is not such a dramatic change that people will not recognize you; rather, it makes you into a younger version of yourself. The QuickLift does all of the following:

  • Tightens your jowls
  • Defines your jaw line
  • Lifts and defines your cheeks
  • Smoothes your neckline

2. Customization

The QuickLift is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Doctors always consider each patient’s individual concerns and needs, and will offer you options to get you the results you want.

3. Instant and long lasting results

The procedure only takes two hours, and the recovery period lasts a few days. Because the procedure targets the underlying structure of the lower face, rather than just the skin, your new youthful appearance will last you for years to come.


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