Three weeks post-op from a laser lift and laser resurfacing at Accents Cosmetic Surgery in Sterling Heights, MI with Dr. Berkowitz, I stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California, with the stars. Needing to have my hair done, I made an appointment at their salon. Two women colored and cut my hair while Dr. Phil and other celebrities were near me. The hair stylist, who was obviously “up close” with me, asked me my age and commented on my “beautiful skin”. I just looked up at her and thanked her – then, she whispered in my ear “and, I can tell you have never had anything done to your face”. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Berkowitz and his staff. I could not have received a higher compliment. I would recommend this group to each of you considering any type of procedures.


I was experiencing vision problems due to my droopy eyelids. My eyes were always tired from having to work the muscles to keep my eyes open. I was tired of the comments from others saying how tired I always looked. When I visited Dr. Berkowitz for a consultation, I also brought to his attention my other concerns, such as jawline jowls and neck. He told me all of these issues could be addressed at the same time with one surgery. I was provided with pre op meds instructions that began 2 weeks prior to the surgery in preparation for the surgery which included both facial cleansing and medications to be taken in preparation of the surgery. The surgery began at the scheduled time and I was out of recovery and back home with a matter of a little over 4 hours. I was made to feel comfortable by the attending staff upon arrival. I had been told exactly what to expect from the time of the surgery to present as far as recovery expectations. I experienced no pain or discomfort other than the discomfort of having to sleep on my back with a couple of pillows propped up for the first couple of weeks. I was provided with both verbal and written instructions at the time I was discharged as at the time of my post op visits in addition to being provided with the facial creams/ointments required for the recovery period. For the first time in my life (that I can remember), I have eyelids!!! I have received such positive feedback from family and friends at how my eyes now stand out – how smooth my face looks – how much younger I look without the saggy jowls. The recovery period was incredible in the fact of how painless and quick it was.


I have been a client for about 8 years and I am very satisfied with the services I have received and have the utmost confidence in the entire staff. Thank you!


The staff at Accents Cosmetic Surgery are very friendly and professional. They provide a warming, positive atmosphere that always left me smiling every time I was there. Dr. Berkowitz and the technicians are very humble and caring. I appreciate the care and their professionalism. I would definitely recommend people to walk into their center to see for themselves how one can enhance their natural beauty inside out!


Your entire staff is fantastic. They have that unique ability to be professional, technically knowledgeable, and very personable. On top of that the entire office is very efficient and has a warm and inviting feel. The medical professionalism is top notch. We drive an hour each way and are always glad we did.


Everyone was so gracious and kind, very attentive. Thank you so much! Extremely professional, top notch program as well as facility. Would encourage anyone to use your services!!!


The word that comes to mind is ~Grateful~ Each staff member is helpful with the aspects of Cosmetic Surgery~ Very Professional ~Kind & Understanding !!!!!!~ Thumbs Up :)


I had two treatments with the Matrix Laser and the assistant who performed the procedure was Adrianna. Not sure how she spells her name but I believe it is close. She was very attentive and professional in completing my procedure. The front desk assistant was always cheerful in greeting me and always asked if I need anything. I feel Accents Medical Spa keeps a welcoming but professional atmosphere.


The greatest staff ever!


I was treated great throughout my procedure. Staff makes your visit pleasant and at ease.


The staff was courteous and extremely professional and Dr Berkowitz himself presented and explained the process completely.


The staff is always friendly, professional and caring. Follow-up visits are always a pleasure. And, their products are wonderful.

Wouldn’t trust anyone but Dr Berkowitz and his staff!


As a nurse, when I decided to have surgery I asked all my friends who were doctors and nurses, “who was the best?” and Dr. Berkowitz was they name they said was the best. I have had 2 surgeries and several other procedures and will continue to see Dr. Berkowitz and his excellent staff for all my needs.

Evelyn D., New Baltimore

Top Reasons Why Patients Choose Dr. Mark Berkowitz

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I didn’t know what to expect but when I am introduced to people by my children, then their mouths fall open and say, “Oh my gosh, that’s your mom?” – that is the greatest present that Dr. Berkowitz gave me. He said everything that I wanted to hear. A lot of people were talking about the cost impact and saying they can get it done cheaper. Well, I wasn’t looking for cheaper, I was looking for professionalism, having a good job, and having confidence in the doctor that I chose… and, that just happened to be Dr. Berkowitz.”

Joanne L., Marine City
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