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Do “Frownies” Really Work?

Before they choose eyelid surgery, men and women often try some surprising non-surgical treatments to keep their eyes looking younger. One of these intriguing solutions is the invention of “Frownies,” which are little stickers that you can wear overnight to prevent the formation of wrinkles as you sleep. Do Frownies really work, or are they … read more »

Rejuvenating Your Upper Face

The harsh Michigan weather can cause premature aging in a lot of my patients, particularly around the eyes. Whether it’s from squinting against the wind, or being so glad to see the sun again after a long winter that we forget to use enough sunscreen, the eyes are one of the first areas of the … read more »

Laser Eyelid Surgery is a Breeze!

Many people ask about eyelid surgery Michigan because they feel younger than the person they see in the mirror. This is often the case when the signs of aging hit and you begin to lose elasticity in your skin. Some people experience upper-eyelid drooping so bad that it affects their vision. Under-eyelid sagging makes you … read more »

Rejuvenating Your Look with Facial Liposuction

With the increasing popularity of plastic surgery in Detroit, it should come as no surprise that there’s a number of ways to help patients look rejuvenated and refreshed. While BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the treatment that initially leaps to mind, many men and women are surprised to learn that facial liposuction can help them look … read more »

Wrinkle Treatments Perfect for Summer

Winter can have some harsh consequences for our faces: sub-zero wind chills, constant snow, and the dryness of the air can exacerbate wrinkles and other signs of aging. Even with moisturizers, our skin can feel worn out and depleted. It’s called “Old Man Winter” for a reason. Of course, in winter, we have the option … read more »