Dr. Mark Berkowitz is proud to carry the Capillus272™ at-home laser therapy device. This is a low-level laser therapy cap that you wear for thirty minutes every other day. The laser diodes in the cap stimulate the scalp, increasing blood flow and improving hair thickness and fullness. The product is hands-free and incredibly easy to use, and has received FDA approval for treatment of androgenic alopecia. Here is some more information that will help you determine whether you should speak to Dr. Berkowitz about this exciting product:

How does it work?

capillus-1Hair loss and hair thinning occurs when the hair follicles stop working. However, it’s rare for follicles to become permanently unresponsive to therapy. If these dormant follicles are stimulated properly, they can reawaken and begin producing hair again. That’s where the Capillus272™ comes in. This at-home laser therapy device uses 272 diodes to increase blood flow to inactive follicles. This wake them up so they can start producing hair again.

After you’ve used the Capillus cap regularly for a period of time, you’ll start to notice your hair looks and feels thicker. Early on, you’ll only see results right near the scalp, which can be perfect for those with short hair. As time goes on and your new hairs get a chance to grow, however, you’ll notice your hair is thicker and fuller throughout.

Because this cap is a medical device, it should only be purchased through an authorized retailer such as Dr. Berkowitz. Amazon, eBay and other online retailers might carry similar products, but do not purchase through those avenues. If you do, you’ll have no way of knowing for certain that you’re using a safely tested LLLT device. Moreover, you won’t have the physician guidance that’s vital to ensuring your experience is safe and effective. Instead, schedule a consultation with Dr. Berkowitz where you can come up with a hair restoration plan together.

Why Capillus?

Dr. Berkowitz recommends Capillus products to his patients instead of the other laser products out there for a number of reasons, including:

  • capillus-fda-clearedSafety: The Capillus272™ low-level laser therapy cap is FDA approved. Other at-home laser products on the market may not be able to promise the same problem-free results.
  • Convenience: Some hair regrowth products, such creams or laser brushes, get in the way of your daily life. After all, you can’t run errands with cream in your hair, or wash dishes while using a laser brush. The Capillus272™ is the epitome of simplicity – you just put it on your head and go!
  • Effectiveness: Most importantly, however, the Capillus is highly effective at improving fullness and thickness in thinning or balding hair. Though the process takes time, many patients start noticing a difference in just a few weeks.

Your next steps

Interested in learning more about the Capillus272™? Contact Dr. Berkowitz today to schedule a consultation.