Rewarding Your Loyalty

When you look and feel younger, it can be worth every penny. In this way, cosmetic surgery is about value. In most cases, this comes simply from the joy and satisfaction you get from the procedure. But we also know that there are many cosmetic procedures that require regular upkeep, and sometimes the financial side can be challenging.

So, to reward our loyal Detroit cosmetic surgery patients, we’ve developed our Accents Cosmetic Surgery VIP Package. Once you enroll in the VIP program, there are two money-saving benefits. The first benefit is that, as with many loyalty rewards programs, you’ll accumulate points. These points can be used towards products and services at Accents Cosmetic Surgery.


The second benefit is that you’ll receive discounts on all of the procedures performed at Accents. This could mean 10% off Botox, or even 10% off certain doctor-performed procedures. Here are some saving highlights of the program:

  • Artefill – 10% savings
  • Botox – 10% savings
  • Radiesse – 10% savings
  • Coolsculpting – 25% savings
  • Exilis – 25% savings
  • Skin care products – 10% savings
  • And much more!

You even earn points by renewing or signing up for your membership.

Rewarding Yourself

Cosmetic surgery has been shown to have many positive effects, not only on the youthfulness of the patient, but particularly in the way the patient feels about his or her quality of life. As a kind of reward for helping us spread the word about Accents Cosmetic Surgery and the benefits of our services, we offer bonus points for a number of activities.

Bonus points:
Book surgery at time of consultation – 150 points
Post a review – 25 points
Like us on Facebook or Twitter – 10 points
Star in video – 100 points
Star on TV – 250 points
Video testimonial – 50 points

Generally, when trading in your points for rewards, you can count on a 1 point = $1.00 ratio. Which means by starring on TV, you’ve almost already earned back your enrollment fee.

Guarantee of Money Back

The best thing about the VIP loyalty program is that you are guaranteed to save money. The program costs $299.00 to sign up, but you’re guaranteed to make that money back on discounts, points, and other rewards.

We’re sure this program will make your next cosmetic procedure even more valuable. Sign up today and start saving!