Eyelid surgery is one of the most frequently performed procedures for both men and women at our practice. What causes these pesky crow’s feet at the outer corner of the eye, and is there any way you can eliminate them besides an eyelift?

1. Sunshine

Sun exposure is the number one cause of premature aging in the face, including the wrinkles around the eyes. Always use an effective sunscreen before you go out, even if you think you’ll be inside most of the day. Taking excellent care of your skin is the best protection you have against developing wrinkles in the first place.

2. Squinting

The effects of the sun can damage the delicate skin around the eyes in more ways than one. Bright sunshine causes you to squint, and this repeated facial expression can be a catalyst for crow’s feet. Squinting is particularly common during the Michigan winters, with the sharp glare of sunlight off the snow.

3. Sleeping

Of course, sleep itself won’t cause crow’s feet (and in fact, getting enough rest is a key component in keeping your skin healthy and looking young) but the way your face presses into the pillow can be a contributor. Side-sleepers may notice that wrinkles are deeper when they first wake up; sleeping on the back instead will prevent the skin from being pressed into new wrinkles overnight.

4. Lack of Fat

Of course we all want less fat on our bodies, but the lack of a dense fatty tissue layer is actually what’s responsible for the eye area being the first to show visible signs of aging. In other areas of the face, fatty tissue keeps the skin firmer for longer, and wrinkles start forming only when the fat begins to dissipate.