Cosmetic injection testimonials / photos

BARB… a physically-fit 49 year-old black belt from Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan chose to have Restylane/Perlane to smooth the deep nasolabial folds that framed her mouth.

After treatment, Barb reports “[Dr. Berkowitz is] very professional, courteous and caring during treatment-very effective use of product… I wasn’t overfilled!” Dramatic results are noticeable immediately and, as you can see, she has very little redness or bruising. The AFTER photos were taken just as soon as Dr. Berkowitz completed Barb’s treatment.


PAULA… a mother of 3 from Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan desired a fuller, more youthful cheek. She noticed an overall flat appearance prior to her liquid face lift procedure that combined Radiesse to build up her cheek from within the mouth – leaving minimal bruising because fewer skin pokes were required. Juvederm was then used to refine the lines around her mouth.

Paula enjoys great results that feel as good as they look – a major concern for many patients considering cosmetic injections for the first time. Immediate results. – Lasts up to twice as long as collagen. – Over 1.5 million treatments performed. – Excellent safety profile no allergy testing required. – Quick, convenient in office procedure with recovery time.


SOPHIA from Metro Detroit, Michigan… Dr. Berkowitz used an advanced cosmetic injection technique to enhance this patient’s fallen cheeks and rejuvenate her mid-face without surgery.

Like most patient, Sophia enjoyed great results immediately after treatment and this Detroit area patient reports still enjoying natural-looking and remarkable results following a single Radiesse treatment after 5 months, refusing to even touch-up the results free of charge since she was still thrilled! Restylane was used in the area surrounding her mouth and within her lips. Dr. Berkowitz corrected Sophia’s sagging cheeks by injecting Radiesse through the inside of her mouth – resulting in no bruising right after treatment! A long-lasting cheek lift should leave this Sterling Heights’ native pleased for a year or longer!


CHRIS from Metro Detroit, Michigan… Could finding the right shade of lipstick also help you find the right man?

An interesting question… and if the answer is yes, imagine what finding the right lip shape could bring your life? Lip augmentation is the enhancement of the lips. The procedure leads to fuller, plumper lips and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 8,700 surgical lip augmentations were performed in the U.S. last year. Surgical lip augmentation procedure can provide better definition and shape for full lips or volume for those with thin lips. If you’re not ready for surgery, you also have great options-in fact more today than ever before!

Chris chose to use Restylane to plump up her lips. Right after treatment, a bit of swelling and redness is noticeable but faded within a couple of days. This enhancement will last 6 months or longer for many patients but Chris has a great metabolism and only enjoyed the results for about 5 months… Dr. Berkowitz then repeated treatment using Perlane and she’ll have longer-lasting results. Most doctors do not inject Perlane in the lips because it is thicker than Restylane and some patients don’t like how it feels. Dr. Berkowitz only uses Perlane when patients have had prior lip treatments and know they like the look and feel of plumper lips since Perlane will last longer.


Non-Surgical Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation testimonials / photos

MARY… After years of sun exposure, Mary from Croswell, Sanilac County, Michigan, decided to do something to renew her look. She has treated herself to microdermabrasion facials monthly for years but knew the time had come to do more. “From consultation to finish, visiting is a pleasure. All questions were answered and more than enough information is always available. Cathy and Dr. B have always been wonderful to work with and I will continue to go to Accents for many more years. My skin looks great!” Just 2 weeks after having a fractional laser peel and Thermage at ACCENTS, Mary’s photos speak for themselves. Years of visible sun damage are erased – as are fine lines. Her skin looks firmer and more youthful… and this will only continue to improve due to the nature of how Thermage works. Dr. Berkowitz also used Restylane to add definition to Mary’s lip border.


DONNA from Metro Detroit, Michigan… Dr. Berkowitz used Botox to help this young grandmother look as young and vivacious as she feels chasing around her grand babies.

Donna also elected to have skin rejuvenation treatments to reverse years of sun worship that left her skin looking discolored and dull. At the same time, Donna, of Shelby Township, Michigan, also had Thermage for skin tightening – especially around her eyes. Donna says, “The Accents staff could not improve on their interactions! All are wonderful, always caring, polite, and very understanding. They always try to discuss my concerns and show me the best option. I love them all!”


Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation testimonials / photos

DICK from Metro Detroit, Michigan… “My wife was more interested than I was. I didn’t think I needed anything. Then when I took her to her appointment Dr. Berkowitz said, “You need that!” And, actually to have the eyelids done it was a short process-like a week and you’re better. The peripheral vision that I had been losing slowly actually came back. We travel a lot, do a lot of driving, we’re campers (with a large RV) and it was amazing how much peripheral vision I had after the operation. My wife said I even look better and younger-so that’s a nice part, too,” explains this New Baltimore business owner.


MADELINE from Metro Detroit, Michigan… “Every morning when putting on make-up I noticed that I had to hold my lids up to apply mascara. I also noticed how much better I looked holding my brow up and decided to meet with Dr. Berkowitz to learn more. He has a special technique, in my opinion, compared to my other friends that had surgery done elsewhere. I really liked the outcome and know Dr. Berkowitz was the surgeon for me,” explains this 60+ year old medical practice manager from Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan.


DEB – a 51 year-old business woman from Sterling Heights, Macomb County, Michigan. Fat Transfer.

his 51 year-old business woman from Sterling Heights, Michigan, chose to have fat transferred to the lower eyelid area to correct the sunken appearance of her eyes. After the procedure, she enjoys a smooth, youthful contour. Additionally, the sagging tissue of the upper lids has been corrected by changing her brow position-not by removing what looks like excess tissue. During laser eyelid rejuvenation, Dr. Berkowitz transferred fat to the inner corners of this patients lower eyelid area. The result is a natural-looking smooth contour from the eye to the cheek.


Medispa Skin Care Treatments testimonials / photos

KAREN… Like many patients, Karen – who lives in Southfield, Oakland County, Michigan – works near Accents Cosmetic Surgery and enjoys visiting at lunchtime for skin rejuvenation treatments or cosmetic injections. This Chrysler employee whose schedule is far from predictable appreciates the flexibility the Accents staff schedules have allowed and states, “I want you to know how great the facial and other therapy made me feel and how much I appreciate it. I will be setting up future skin treatments. Thank you again. May God Bless you.”

JUDI… This Macomb, Macomb County, Michigan patient complained about her thin eyebrows. Though most people that have to touch-up their brows with pencils, brushes, or stencils would enjoy permanent make-up application, Judi had the added obstacle of working as a surgical technician in close proximity to her co-workers… for constant scrutiny! “Thanks to Accents and permanent cosmetics, I no longer have to draw my eyebrows on everyday. And… by the end of the day I still have them,” she explains.


Cosmetic surgery testimonials / photos

RENEE… Renee, of Macomb Township, Macomb County, Michigan, chose to have a brow lift after meeting with Dr. Berkowitz to discuss her concerns about heavy-looking eyelids. He explained that her eyelids were not the problem – rather, her brow had fallen. Performing an eyelift may have addressed Renee’s concern but it would not produce the most attractive cosmetic surgery result. After surgery, Renee says, “I really didn’t tell a lot of people that I was having the procedure but more people just said that I looked really good-that I looked happier and well-rested. It was very subtle. It made me feel really empowered and really good about myself. I am just really glad I had it done.”


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