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Natural Treatments

The human body has an awesome power to heal itself and regenerate. Recently, a regenerative technology has evolved to better harness this all-natural rejuvenation. Advanced treatments make it possible to reinvigorate and rejuvenate areas of the body most vulnerable to the aging process. The best part is that it is non-invasive and effective – with no downtime or the need for recovery.

More youthful face and hands

To fight the effects of time on face and hands, Dr. Berkowitz focuses on the stimulation of collagen at the bio-cellular level. Patients report amazing results that quickly appear and continue to improve over time. The look is smooth and natural. The procedure requires about an hour and involves almost no recovery.

Naturally Stimulate Hair Growth in As Little as A Month or Two

Hair loss is common and often starts early in life, continuing to accelerate as we age. 70 percent of all men are affected and about 40 percent of women. Hair loss has been a difficult problem to address in the past – painful surgery, ineffective pills and creams and expensive and unnatural hair weaves and pieces. A good head of hair restores confidence and a more youthful appearance. There is a solution and it is pure science working your body’s restorative nature. Some patients have shown dramatic results in as little as eight weeks.

Restore your Feminine Desire for Intimacy

As women age, their vaginal health may present conditions that make them apprehensive about the sexual activity that was once such a pleasurable part of life. Dr. Berkowitz offers a natural solution that improves a range of conditions. It has produced positive benefits in many patients who report an overall improved quality of life. The procedure takes less than an hour in the office, with generally no recovery time required.

Strengthening Sexual Performance in Men

While it is common for sexual performance to decline with age, it is not necessarily a given. Pills, creams and devices don’t always work and can be frustrating. Genital conditions can include erectile dysfunction, Peronie’s disease, incontinence and uncomfortable intercourse. Discover a natural solution that may help you restore confidence and the vigor in your intimate life.

The ALMI™ Procedure

Dr. Berkowitz is a strong advocate for natural, regenerative solutions to common beauty and aesthetic issues that arise. He has found a powerful technology to help support his mission. ALMI, autologous lipocyte micronized injection, was developed by distinguished physicians and advocates of regenerative medicine.

ALMI is a milestone in rejuvenation technology and uses your own tissues to naturally restore a more youthful appearance and physical function. It is a simple outpatient procedure that can take as little as 45 minutes with virtually no downtime. The results are typically long lasting without the concern of side effects. Now that such an advanced technology is available and producing such good results, you owe it to yourself to find out more!

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