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While a diet low in fat and an active, healthy lifestyle can help reduce cellulite occurrence, nearly eighty to ninety percent of women still struggle with its dimpled, cottage cheese-like appearance. Cellulite can lower one's self-image and make it challenging to enjoy wearing fashionable summer clothing such as shorts and swimsuits. This is where QWO steps in! Approved for cellulite reduction in the buttocks by the FDA, QWO is the world's first injectable for smoothing the skin by fighting the underlying causes of cellulite formation. Accents Cosmetic Surgery is excited to offer this option to clients who wish to enhance their appearance painlessly and without downtime.

What is QWO, and how does it work?

QWO (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes) works by releasing enzymes that target and destroy the collagen-rich fibrous bands in the skin that lead to cellulite. These fibrous bands connect the surface skin layer with its underlying muscle groups, and when the bands tighten, fat cells protrude, creating a mesh-like skin texture that most women find unsightly.

QWO sessions take less than 30 minutes and can be completed over your lunch break. There is no downtime to contend with. Most clients benefit from three treatments spaced out about three weeks apart. As the healthy layers of collagen begin to regenerate, you will gradually see improvement in your buttocks and thighs’ appearance. The skin will be smoother and more firm, and clothes will look better overall. Your outcome will continue to impress for about 12 months.

What are the advantages of QWO?

  • Safe, FDA approved and effective
  • Trims away cellulite in the buttocks and thighs
  • It helps firm and revitalize dimpled skin
  • Improves wardrobe choices
  • Amplifies self-confidence
  • Quick treatment time of fewer than 30 minutes
  • Natural, attractive results with no downtime
  • Painless with no anesthesia

Who makes an ideal candidate for QWO injections?

Many women want to do something about their stubborn cellulite, but they are wary of invasive surgical procedures with lengthy recovery periods. QWO is the first injectable to provide safe, rapid relief from cellulite with no downtime. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your buttocks or thighs due to dimpling, you may be a great candidate for QWO injections, provided you are healthy, and you have realistic expectations for your outcome.

QWO is not appropriate for those patients that are pregnant or nursing or those who suffer from bleeding disorders or allergies to QWO ingredients. We will perform a detailed evaluation of your trouble spots during your confidential consultation. If QWO is not a match for your goals, we will provide viable alternatives to enhance your appearance.

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Why choose Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa?

Accents Cosmetic Surgery is helmed by Dr. Berkowitz and Dr. Alford, two board-certified cosmetic specialists whose combined skill and expertise make our practice a cutting-edge sanctuary for excellence. Dr. Berkowitz has a highly sophisticated eye for artistry and aesthetic balance, providing results that subtly enhance natural beauty. Dr. Alford is a consummate artist and dual trained in the complex and delicate fields of cosmetic surgery and obstetrics, and gynecology.

Since its inception in 2006, Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa has adhered to the industry’s highest standards for safety and personalized care. It continues to provide groundbreaking solutions to a wide range of cosmetic concerns. Call us today to find out if QWO is the right option for you!


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