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Trouble performing in the bedroom can be embarrassing and make you feel less confident in terms of intimacy. Erectile dysfunction, a small penis, a bent penis, and other male problems can strain relationships and affect your overall wellbeing and happiness. The usual answer to these problems has been medications, pills, and surgeries, which all have side effects and may not help. At Accents Cosmetic Surgery, our Michigan P-Shot uses your own body’s healing power to give a significant boost to your penis – enlarging it, firming it, and treating the symptoms of ED.

What is a P-Shot?

A P-Shot (also known as a Priapus shot – named after the Greek god of fertility) is a specially formulated injectable serum made from your blood. The treatment begins by drawing blood from your arm, after which your blood is refined to concentrate the platelets (small cells in your blood that heal and promote growth). The resulting platelet-rich plasma (plasma is the liquid part of your blood) is then injected, leading to an immediate boost in the health of your penis.

What are the benefits of a P-Shot?

While you will likely experience some of the benefits of a P-Shot right away, full results are usually seen after about three months. Some of the remarkable changes you can experience after undergoing a P-Shot are:

  • Increased ability to get erections (reduction of ED symptoms)
  • Larger penis (increases of 2 to 3 inches in length and girth have been reported after treatment)
  • Straighter penis
  • Stronger erections
  • Stronger sensations and pleasure
  • Minimal pain
  • No side-effects
  • Any damage from medical problems (diabetes, etc.) treated and healed
  • No allergic reactions – the P-Shot is made entirely of your own blood cells

Am I a candidate?

Any man who needs help with sexual performance may be a good candidate for the P-Shot. Whether you have ED, or you just want to experience higher levels of performance in intimacy, then our Detroit, MI P-Shot may be your answer. As with any medical procedure, you will need an okay from your doctor to ensure that a P-Shot is right for you – but since the P-Shot is created from your own blood, most men are candidates and can reap the benefits of this procedure.

Side effects and downtime

There are no reported side effects of the P-shot, and most patients have no downtime after the procedure. Some patients report minimal bruising and swelling following the injection, but that typically lasts only hours (or a couple of days in rare cases).

Why Choose Us?

At Accents Cosmetic Surgery, we understand the discomfort and trouble that comes with being less confident in your sexual health and performance. Our clinic was established by acclaimed, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz, MD, and provides a range of treatments to restore your confidence and give you the body and ability that you desire. With both surgical and non-surgical treatments available, you can be confident that we will work closely with you to determine if the P-Shot is the treatment that will produce the results you envision. You can trust in our discretion and care, and that your treatment will be in total privacy.

P-Shot Frequently Asked Questions

What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a blood product that contains healing growth factors to stimulate cellular renewal and tissue repair. Plasma is the main liquid in the bloodstream that carries the cells through the body. Platelets are a certain type of cell that plays a major role in regeneration. It is called platelet-rich plasma because the treatment contains a high percentage of these super-healer platelet cells.

How is PRP made?

PRP is easy to procure, as it is taken from the patient’s own body (autologous extraction) during a simple in-office procedure. Your arm is attached to a centrifuge that draws your blood and spins it to separate out the components according to their density. The machine isolates the platelets and plasma, readying them for cosmetic use. The red and white blood cells are then returned to the body so that you don’t feel dizzy or disoriented. The PRP extraction process takes around 15-20 minutes on average and is considered by most patients to be painless.

How did the P-Shot get its name?

The P-Shot is short for Priapus Shot. Dr. Charles Runels named it after using the therapy for the first time on himself. Priapus was the Greek god of regeneration and male virility.

Is the P-Shot similar to Trimix injections?

Where Trimix injections work in the short term to boost your erection on a case-by-case basis, the P-Shot works with your body over time to regenerate your sexual power. Because the P-Shot is made with compounds derived from your own blood, there is little risk of allergic reaction or side effects.

How does the P-Shot work?

The P-Shot is administered with a numbing cream as well as a nerve block, so the treatment is virtually painless. Growth factors and proteins within the PRP begin working right away to stimulate cellular renewal, triggering stem cells to initiate regeneration. Collagen production is also ramped up to assist in tissue repair.

How long does it take to perform the P-Shot?

The P-Shot is an in-office procedure that takes around one hour to perform. You will be able to drive yourself home right away after your session.

When can I resume sexual activity after the P-Shot?

With the P-Shot, you don’t have to wait to enjoy sex. You can resume sexual activities right away, typically within 4 hours after your session.

What are the potential side effects of the P-Shot?

PRP is a blood product taken from your own body, so side effects are greatly minimized. Minor symptoms such as bleeding, bruising, or swelling may occur, but these generally fade quickly.

How much does the P-Shot cost?

The P-Shot is a cost-effective option for male enhancement when compared with the alternatives. With the P-Shot, patients don’t have to shell out money on repetitive prescriptions that only achieve short-term gains. And when compared with a penile implant, the P-Shot is far more affordable. Results with the P-Shot tend to last a year or more, making it among the most practical treatments of its kind on the market today. Our team will provide you with a personalized quote for services at the time of your confidential consultation.

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