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What are Warts

Warts are skin growths that are caused by an infection and resemble solid blisters. Warts appear on a person’s skin when a certain virus infects the layer of skin. Warts are more likely to appear on someone if they have a cut or some sort of open wound. They can be passed on from person to person by touch and it can be passed on to any part of the body. Since there is no cure for warts, results from the treatments vary. In some occasions, the warts disappear indefinitely and other times they reappear.

Cryotherapy with Liquid Nitrogen

For warts in teenagers and adults, freezing them with liquid nitrogen is one of the most common treatments. The procedure of applying liquid nitrogen is very brief and takes no more than a minute. Slight pain might be felt during the procedure. Multiple treatments might be necessary if the warts are persistent. The liquid nitrogen can leave a blister around wart, but the wart and blister will fall off by themselves. There is no downtime for cryotherapy, freezing warts off.

Topical Treatment

The topical treatment is used to disrupt the cell growth of the wart. The topical treatments make the skin cells shed and that causes the wart to gradually peel off by itself. Topical treatments can be used by anyone, and any age.

Burning & Scraping

Our providers can burn off the wart and then scrape anything left over. Local anesthetics can be used depending on the area and how many warts need to be removed. Burning and scraping off a wart is usually used for larger and hard to cure warts. A small blister might occur in the area that was treated.

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