Winter can have some harsh consequences for our faces: sub-zero wind chills, constant snow, and the dryness of the air can exacerbate wrinkles and other signs of aging. Even with moisturizers, our skin can feel worn out and depleted. It’s called “Old Man Winter” for a reason. Of course, in winter, we have the option of cover our skin up. Come summer, we’re exposed: exposed to the sun, the heat, UV rays, and the gaze of our colleagues.

In summer, everyone sees our skin. And sometimes make-up just isn’t enough to mask the effects of the seasons, to help you feel like your youthful self.

In this case, there are some treatments that Accents Cosmetic Surgery can offer to help when you want more than make-up can provide, but that also are not as permanent or intensive as a surgical procedure, such as a facelift. We tend to refer to these wrinkle treatments as facial (or dermal) fillers: and they’re great for summer for a variety of reasons.

The choices can at first seem a little daunting. It’s summer: you want to be on a beach somewhere reading a good book, not trying to choose between dozens of liquid facelift options.

Decisions, Decisions…

We’ll cover a few basics to get you in the door and help you maximize your summer. People usually think about Botox, but Botox isn’t really a filler. It uses a purified form of botulinim toxin to deactivate targeted muscle groups and reduce wrinkles.

Fillers, rather, do just that—they fill gaps in the tissues to eliminate wrinkles. They’re usually pretty short term, but for a longer lasting solution, you may want to try Juvederm, which injects a soft gel into the facial tissue to smooth out wrinkles and lines. For even longer-lasting results, there’s Artefill, which uses a filler that is not absorbed back into the skin.

If you want a more natural solution, try Radiesse, which promotes the growth of the body’s own collagen to generate that youthful look.

The best part is that most procedures can be accomplished over a lunch hour with only minimal swelling and redness. Sure, you’ll probably want to be careful of those injection sites, and Dr. Berkowitz will give each patient individualized care instructions, but in general you could still be back to work on the same day as the procedure. This means you’ll be wasting few of those precious summer hours and back out enjoying the sun in no time.

Think about it: you leave work, come into our offices over lunch, and head back to work looking suddenly more vigorous and youthful. It sure would give everyone at the office (or at the beach) something to talk about: how good you look.