Blepharoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, can have an amazing effect on the entire face. By removing sagging eyelids or bags under the eyes, patients can looker younger and more alert, and can really show off the sparkle in their eyes. However, one of the biggest questions that comes with blepharoplasty patients is whether they should have the procedure performed with a laser or a scalpel.

As with most types of cosmetic surgery, blepharoplasty traditionally involves the use of a scalpel to make incisions and cut out areas of excess tissue. However, laser blepharoplasty is a revolutionary procedure that is quickly becoming far more popular than the traditional scalpel method, and for good reason when you consider all of its amazing benefits.

How exactly does laser blepharoplasty work?

The laser used in this procedure acts as a cutting tool just like a scalpel, but it works to immediately cauterize blood vessels in order to stop bleeding. This means that only very small amounts of blood are lost with each incision, since vessels are immediately sealed before blood can pool.

So, why is it beneficial?

The benefits of cauterizing the blood vessels in this way are twofold. Firstly, the lack of excess blood helps the surgeon to see more clearly what they are doing and therefore achieve more precise results. They can make better decisions about the size and location of incisions, better assess the amount of tissue to remove, and make sure that they’re performing the operation as perfectly as possible.

Secondly, since less blood is lost from the tissues in the operated area, there is far less bruising and swelling. Generally, the more bleeding there is during a surgery, the more bruising will occur. By keeping blood loss to an absolute minimum, the surgeon can ensure that there is as little bruising and swelling as possible.

Why is it better to have less bruising?

Bruising after surgery not only looks unsightly, but it is also  can be very painful. When it comes to eye surgery, patients don’t want to look or feel like they’ve been in the boxing ring and gotten two black eyes, so the more minimal the bruising is, the better.

The added benefit of there being less swelling is that results can be seen almost immediately. Until swelling dissipates, it can be really difficult to see the change in the eyelid and fully appreciate just how much smoother and more youthful the area looks. When swelling is minimal, patients can see the results almost immediately after their surgery, which is fantastic for those who are understandably eager to see their beautiful new appearance.

What about recovery time – are lasers still better?

Recovery from blepharoplasty is so much quicker when the procedure is performed with a laser. Providing that the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions are followed, most laser blepharoplasty patients can get back to their usual lifestyle within just one week. In comparison, it can take two to four weeks for patients to get back to their normal routines after having blepharoplasty performed with a scalpel. For those with hectic schedules, the less downtime needed the better, and laser based surgery is a no-brainer.