A Cold Winter, a Cool Event

There’s news out of the National Weather Service that maybe this winter won’t be so bad—maybe we’ll finally enjoy that El Nino everybody’s been talking about. But sometimes we don’t give the cold enough credit—after all, in many ways we rely on the chilly air and subzero temperatures. Freezing keeps the bugs away in the summer, snow keeps the trees safe during the winter, and excessive snow keeps Toro in business. In celebration of this winter, and of the holiday season that’s upon us, Accents Cosmetic Surgery has organized an event that highlights our coolest procedure. In honor of Michigan CoolSculpting, the Cool Night Out event will be held at Accents Medical Spa on Monday, December 15, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

We’ve been talking about CoolSculpting a lot lately, but that’s because we’re truly excited by what has proven to be an effective, innovative technology that can generate excellent results with minimal discomfort. For any cosmetic surgeon, this is the dream combination, because patients love to see results and don’t like to feel discomfort (quite understandably). CoolSculpting accomplishes these fantastic results by freezing your fat in strategically targeted areas—the “frozen” fat is absorbed back into the body, leaving you looking and feeling more slim in those selected areas.

CoolSculpting Targets Fat

We emphasize, as well, that CoolSculpting can be targeted because it’s important to many of our patients that they achieve a specific body shape either by accenting or honoring curves that are already present. CoolSculpting allows us to do that, and in this way provides a nonsurgical body contouring option for patients who—for a myriad of reasons—are not interested in traditional surgical options. The recovery time for CoolSculpting is almost immediate—you can be back on your feet and enjoying your favorite activities basically right away.

We’re trying to spread the word about this procedure, so we’ve organized our Cool Night Out event to educate as many potential interested parties as possible. During the Cool Night Out event, we’ll offer those who attend free drink and hors d’oeuvres (perfect for a Monday evening happy hour outing after work) to those who attend, as well as a little bit of education—but exciting education. We’ll have live demonstrations of the CoolSculpting procedure, so you can see how painless it is. As part of the festivities, we’ll also be offering great door prizes and gifts. Dr. Berkowitz will be on-hand to provide free consultations (or to schedule those for a later date), and you could even qualify to win a free CoolSculpting treatment.

Imagine What You Could do With CoolSculpting

What could you do with a free CoolSculpting treatment? Well, CoolSculpting is capable of being applied basically anywhere that you’ve got a little bit of excess fat you’d be happier without. Most commonly, CoolSculpting treatments are targeted around the belly area or around the waist area. After the procedure, it may take a couple of months for your results to become apparent, as the internal processes can take some time to manifest as physical results. But once you see the results, you’ll notice tighter skin around the targeted area and, of course, less fat. You’ll be slimmer and tighter. Many of our male patients choose to target what is known as male breast tissue, in a procedure that uses CoolSculpting to treat gynecomastia.

But that’s just the start. You could use CoolSculpting to diminish excess fatty tissue in your arms or legs or even around your back and neck. Anywhere there’s a fair amount of excess fatty tissue, you could apply CoolSculpting and expect to see a favorable result. Because CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical procedure, there is no scarring and no long recovery (there may be some slight bruising, but that will subside relatively quickly).

Winter is a Great Time for CoolSculpting

We typically think of CoolSculpting as a kind of summer time procedure: it’s something that’s a popular step in getting ready for the beach. And while there’s no down time associated with CoolSculpting (hey, you could go to the beach tomorrow… though, that would be very cold), it does take a little bit of time for the optimum results to show. So by scheduling your CoolSculpting procedure in the early months of 2015, you’re getting yourself ready for the beach parties (and requisite swim suit wardrobe) of the summer.

And while the Cool Night Out event is focused on CoolSculpting, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about all of the other wonderful procedure options available at Accents Cosmetic Surgery. You can bring your questions about Botox Cosmetic injections or about laser blepharoplasty, and we’ll be happy to answer you as best we can. Dr. Mark Berkowitz, a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon and board certified oculofacial surgeon will be on hand during the event to field questions and lead demonstrations, as well as to offer those free consultations.

Cool Consultations Are Just the Beginning

Consultations are incredibly important because sometimes, it takes a trained eye, such as Dr. Berkowitz’s to know which deposits of fatty tissue can be targeted by diet and exercise and which are immune to our best efforts. CoolSculpting is designed to target those areas of fat which diet and exercise simply cannot eliminate on their own. In other words, CoolSculpting can help you get the body you’ve always wanted—and all without the pain of surgery.

Admission to Cool Night Out is free, but space is limited, so make sure you RSVP by Friday, December 12. It will be an evening of fun, and you’ll learn how you can remove stubborn fat and reclaim your real self in a cool, natural way. If you miss the fun (we’ll miss you too), check back in this space for pictures of this cool event.

Learn more about CoolSculpting In Michigan here. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.