Top Ten Doctor

Accents Cosmetic Surgery is proud to announce that Dr. Mark Berkowitz has been voted a top ten doctor by Aesthetic Everything. Listed third in the nation-wide poll, Dr. Berkowitz was recognized for, among other things, his standing as a premiere facial plastic surgeon, and particularly for his specialization in facelifts and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift). The results of the poll reflect what many Accents patients already know: in addition to the technical expertise and aesthetic vision that comes with years of experience, Dr. Berkowitz has assembled a team that puts patient priorities first, treating patients not as numbers but as guests.

Everybody Wins

That spirit of collaboration abounds at Accents. “That’s one thing I want to make clear,” Dr. Berkowitz said. “This is about a great team as much as anything else. And at Accents, I couldn’t be more proud of the team we’ve assembled. We all put a lot of emphasis on patient comfort and quality results in every interaction, and I think that shows in our work.”

And that work shows on the patients, of course. Dr. Berkowitz is a board certified, fellowship-trained Oculofacial surgeon, which means his specialties reside in the face and eyes. Accents Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide range of face and eye procedures in Michigan. “The closest to my heart is laser blepharoplasty,” Dr. Berkowitz said.

And with good reason. The procedure accomplishes everything a traditional blepharoplasty does—removing excess eyelid tissue, clearing the vision of the patient, and making the face look more youthful overall—but without many of more discomforting side-effects. With laser blepharoplasty, there’s less bruising, less swelling, more immediate results, and faster healing overall. Dr. Berkowitz has been on the cutting edge with this procedure, and its paid dividends for his patients, who consistently comment on the excellent results yielded by the procedure.

The Right Technology

Accents doesn’t invest in technology just for the sake of technology. Patient care is about employing innovative techniques that work and yield better results for patients. From the signature Accents Lift, to laser blepharoplasty, to CoolSculpting, Accents Cosmetic Surgery has found those technologies that work for patients and made them a vital, thriving part of the practice.

Patient Centered

“At the end of the day,” Dr. Berkowitz said, “it’s all about the patient.” As the ultimate judge of a cosmetic surgeon’s success, the patients at Accents have also recognized the work of Dr. Berkowitz as worthy of praise. The abundant reviews available on his website all have a common theme: Accents took care of the patient and helped create a transformation.

It’s that focus on the patient that help Accents stand out, and what patients recognize about Dr. Berkowitz. It’s among the many reasons he was voted as a top ten doctor.