For many of our Detroit liposuction patients, this body slimming procedure is the ideal way to sculpt the body and eliminate unsightly fat deposits. For men, this often means the extra fat around the male chest, the love handles and the back, while women tend to get liposuction through the abdomen, thighs and upper arms. Facial liposuction can also help patients enhance their appearance. However, no matter where you think liposuction will suit your body, there’s one thing that’s certain: lipo works best if you start with the right recipe for success.

Getting Healthy

One of the most persistent rumors I hear about liposuction around Detroit is thinking that lipo can be used as a way to lose weight. Liposuction isn’t a weight loss solution, nor is the procedure designed (or even capable) of removing large volumes of excess fat at one time. Although you may lose a pound or two following lipo, this is incidental rather than the goal of the procedure.

Instead, lipo is best used for sculpting the body, making subtle changes in the way your body stores fat for a smoother, more pleasing aesthetic. Areas that are particularly hard to reach through targeted exercises like the love handles or outer thighs are prime targets spots for slimming down with liposuction.

In short, lipo works best for patients who have already reached their target weight and maintained it for several months or more. Along with this, liposuction offers the most impressive results and lasts the longest in patients who have already established a solid foundation of eating right and staying active, and who are interested in shaping their body rather than losing a volume of weight.