I was experiencing vision problems due to my droopy eyelids. My eyes were always tired from having to work the muscles to keep my eyes open. I was tired of the comments from others saying how tired I always looked. When I visited Dr. Berkowitz for a consultation, I also brought to his attention my other concerns, such as jawline jowls and neck. He told me all of these issues could be addressed at the same time with one surgery. I was provided with pre op meds instructions that began 2 weeks prior to the surgery in preparation for the surgery which included both facial cleansing and medications to be taken in preparation of the surgery. The surgery began at the scheduled time and I was out of recovery and back home with a matter of a little over 4 hours. I was made to feel comfortable by the attending staff upon arrival. I had been told exactly what to expect from the time of the surgery to present as far as recovery expectations. I experienced no pain or discomfort other than the discomfort of having to sleep on my back with a couple of pillows propped up for the first couple of weeks. I was provided with both verbal and written instructions at the time I was discharged as at the time of my post op visits in addition to being provided with the facial creams/ointments required for the recovery period. For the first time in my life (that I can remember), I have eyelids!!! I have received such positive feedback from family and friends at how my eyes now stand out – how smooth my face looks – how much younger I look without the saggy jowls. The recovery period was incredible in the fact of how painless and quick it was.