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3 Popular Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery has made many advances in the last several years, and new techniques and procedures are attracting the attention of women and men worldwide. What was once viewed as just a service for the wealthy or movie stars is now considered a safe and affordable service for all. Deciding to have a cosmetic surgical … read more »

Accents Cosmetic Surgery Looks Forward to the Top Five Procedures of 2015

The modern cosmetic surgery field is one of constant innovation. One could argue, however, that there’s sometimes too much innovation in the field, causing patients to become confused not only about what’s available, but also about what’s the best fit for their particular desired outcomes. It’s in that spirit that Dr. Berkowitz at Accents Cosmetic … read more »

Fat Freeze – Another Point of View

My Fat Freeze Experience! So I’m actually hooked up to this machine right now as I write this…since I’m sitting here unable to move for 2 hours, I figured I could write down some thoughts and tips! Let me start by saying, I’ve never gotten any plastic surgery done and I’m scared of needles, so, … read more »

We Celebrate Michigan CoolSculpting with Our Cool Night Out Event

A Cold Winter, a Cool Event There’s news out of the National Weather Service that maybe this winter won’t be so bad—maybe we’ll finally enjoy that El Nino everybody’s been talking about. But sometimes we don’t give the cold enough credit—after all, in many ways we rely on the chilly air and subzero temperatures. Freezing … read more »

Get the Skinny on Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a Win-Win Coolsculpting in Michigan is such a wonderful procedure, largely because it’s a win-win. Without the invasiveness of liposuction, we’re still able to target and eliminate fat. The cold that we use to freeze the fat also numbs your tissues, so the procedure is largely painless and the recovery is usually pretty … read more »