Dr. Berkowitz and Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa are pleased to announce the addition of the RevLite® laser tattoo removal system to their long list of helpful and life changing cosmetic procedures. If you are unhappy with your current tattoo, RevLite® can help.

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RevLite® for Tattoo Removal

The popularity of tattoos is on the rise, which unfortunately means that the number of people looking to remove their tattoos is also growing. In the past, tattoo removal techniques have been painful and not necessarily 100% successful at removing trickier tattoos. RevLite® is a revolutionary laser tattoo removal system which provides greater efficacy and comfort with nearly 60% more power than current methods on the market which now seem outdated. Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz confirms that RevLite® has the ability to remove stubborn multicolored tattoos and pigmented lesions, plus offers non-ablative skin resurfacing. (This means that not only will your tattoo disappear, but it will be removed without causing any visible wounds.)

Benefits of RevLite®

  • RevLite® uses multiple wavelengths to target tattoo ink, allowing Dr. Berkowitz to completely remove your unsightly tattoo without causing scarring or leaving a faint outline of where your tattoo used to be.
  • RevLite® laser treatments target the individual pigments that make up a tattoo, even stubborn ink colors like red, blue and green.
  • The RevLite® system lets Dr. Berkowitz choose from multiple wavelengths in order to customize your treatment to work specifically for your tattoo.
  • RevLite® uses an extremely high speed shutter to produce nanosecond pulse widths. This means that your procedure will be safer, and executed with less heat than older tattoo removal methods.
  • Most patients do not require any anesthesia when undergoing laser tattoo removal because the process is fairly painless.

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If you struggle with tattoo regret and are interested in learning more about laser tattoo removal and the RevLite® laser system, contact Dr. Berkowitz at Accents Cosmetic Surgery in the Detroit Area. Thanks to RevLite® you no longer have to hate your ink, or worry about replacing it with an equally ugly scar.