LavivWhat is LAVIV ™?

Some call them smile lines; others call them laugh lines. Their official name is nasolabial folds, but if you have them on your own face, you probably call them something less flattering.

Unfortunately, the aging process ensures that everyone will get these lines eventually, but the good news is that not everyone has to live with them. Now, there’s LAVIV ™, the only FDA-approved therapy that uses a patient’s own collagen-producing skin cells to treat the problem. Every dose of LAVIV is tailor-made for the Michigan patient who receives it.

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How LAVIV Works to Restore Collagen

Collagen is the substance that provides structure and firmness to the skin. It is critical for the support of the skin’s middle layer, and any deficiency leads to a wrinkled, weak and sagging appearance.

LAVIV treatments can regenerate this vital substance in the skin. Facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz, a LAVIV-certified physician, begins by extracting a sampling of collagen-producing cells, also known as fibroblasts, from the skin behind the patient’s ear. He then sends this sample to the lab, where the cells remain to multiply over a period of 90 days.

At the end of the incubation period, each personalized dose of LAVIV consists of tens of millions of the patient’s own collagen-producing fibroblasts. At this point, the lab freezes the cells in a process known as cryopreservation and returns a dose to the physician.

In a series of three treatments, each of which is spaced between three and six weeks apart, Michigan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz injects the LAVIV into the patient’s nasolabial folds. This results in a gradual filling of these folds to create a naturally smooth appearance. Any unused cells are stored at the facility for use in future treatments.

Why LAVIV Is Better

The FDA has clinically proven that LAVIV treatments are as safe as they are effective, and allergic reactions are rare. Since the patient’s body recognizes that each LAVIV treatment consists of its own skin cells, it will not initiate an immune response to reject them.

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