Sagging eyelids and dark under eye circles will cause a tired and distracted appearance – even after a good night’s sleep.  This may be why blepharoplasty, commonly called eyelid rejuvenation surgery, is one of the most common procedures Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz performs for men.  In fact, this may also be why tens of thousands of men across the U.S. choose this procedure each year.

Some men think that cosmetic surgery is only for women, but Accents Cosmetic Surgery believes otherwise. We know that men need rejuvenation, too, which is why we provide cosmetic surgery specifically designed for the male feature.

One of the treatments we offer is eyelid surgery for men. The cosmetic procedure removes or tightens sagging skin around the eyes, which gives the eyelid area a smoother and tauter look. Our personalized approach to eyelid surgery helps makes sure that all of our patients are happy with the results, and that they leave our clinic feeling more confident about themselves.

Patients who will undergo eyelid surgery for the first time do not need to worry because we only provide certified and high-quality surgical procedures. Accents Cosmetic Surgery is one of the most trusted clinics in Michigan that offer eyelid surgery for men. We are proud to excel in the work that we do.

Exceptional Eyelid Surgery for Men

Our head surgeon, Dr. Mark N. Berkowitz, offers a special consultation and effective treatment for men who are interested in eyelid surgery. Dr. Berkowitz is a fellowship-trained Oculofacial surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery. He has performed countless surgical and non-surgical procedures to patients in Michigan.

Eyelid rejuvenation by Michigan facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Berkowitz is performed with the CO2 laser, an advanced technique to help reduce excess skin and fat above or below the eye that can be caused by aging or heredity. Now conditions like hooding, puffiness, extra skin, and sagging can be corrected with this safe and effective procedure.

If you’re ready to find out how eyelid surgery can enhance your appearance, contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Sterling Heights practice. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your inquiries, and book you an appointment at our clinic.

An eyelid lift can help you look younger and more refreshed. Contact us online to experience our personalized approach to cosmetic surgery, and see why Michigan residents from Grand Rapids to Troy are traveling to Accents Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa.

Recognize the importance of eye contact in business and social situations and reveal a more vivacious and alert appearance with laser eyelid rejuvenation from Accents Cosmetic Surgery.