With the increasing popularity of plastic surgery in Detroit, it should come as no surprise that there’s a number of ways to help patients look rejuvenated and refreshed. While BOTOX® Cosmetic may be the treatment that initially leaps to mind, many men and women are surprised to learn that facial liposuction can help them look younger as well.

Facial Weight Gain

When most of us think of weight gain, we imagine the spare tire around our middles, or the increasing circumference of our legs and thighs. Yet, as we grow older, our weight distribution begins to change, and more people start noticing weight gain through their face and neck as well. A double chin, puffy cheeks and more prominent jowls are all commonly seen as patients approach middle age. Yet, if skin tone remains firm and muscle tone is good, it might be a bit too early to think about facelift surgery. Liposuction offers a happy medium.

During lipo, tiny incisions are made near the target area, just a few millimeters long. Next, the fat cells are broken apart and a slender microcannula is inserted to remove them with gentle suction.

Following surgery, the incisions will heal up to virtually invisible, and you’ll be left with smoother, slimmer lines through the lower face and jaw.

Men and women who opt for facial liposuction are always surprised to discover that their cosmetic surgeon was right, and losing that facial weight really does help them look younger. If you’re thinking about a rejuvenation procedure, don’t forget to consider liposuction.