Diet and Exercise… And More

Diet and exercise—that’s supposed to do the trick. When it comes to losing weight in a healthy and long-term fashion, there is no better way than that exact type of lifestyle change: work out more and choose healthier food options (you could always try author Michael Pollan’s three simple rules: eat food, not too much, mostly plants). But there’s one thing that diet and exercise have a hard time doing: targeting. Sure, you can try to make your legs stronger or tone your arms, but it’s exceptionally difficult to target areas of fat.

New Rules for New Liposuction

For a long time, this has been true of liposuction as well. But recent innovations in liposuction technologies have changed that. Sometimes called “smartlipo,” these techniques are a wonderful tool in combating what diet and exercise alone cannot: those stubborn areas of fat that just aren’t going away. In fact, our patients of SmartLipo in Detroit rave about this procedure.

Smart Liposuction and Liposculpting

At Accents Cosmetic Surgery, we use a particular technique called SmartLipo TriPlex. As its name implies, the TriPlex system uses a triple wavelength laser system to more accurately and perfectly sculpt the fat in targeted areas. Think about it this way: when you’re pruning trees, you might use a chainsaw for the largest branches, shears for the smaller branches, and pruning clips for the most tiny branches. Triplex does the same thing, combining three tools to get the most natural, smooth liposculpting possible.

Because it’s not just about removing fat. It’s about blending targeted areas as seamlessly as possible with the rest of your body. That way, no one knows you had work done, and everybody chalks it up to the diet and exercise you’re already busy doing.

Learn More and Talk to Your Surgeon

If you want to learn more about Liposuction TriPlex, check out the information on our website.

If you’re a member of the VIP program, you could save between 5-15% on your TriPlex procedure. Want to know more about the VIP program? Check out our blog post, here.

The decision to target those hard to reach, stubborn areas of fat is one you should reach with the help of your cosmetic surgeon, as everyone is different. Contact us at Accents Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation and get started on the body you want today.