We’re Still Standing—Taller Than Ever

It’s always a little bitter-sweet when we see a competitor go out of business. On the one hand, it’s an affirmation that we’re doing things the right way at Accents Cosmetic Surgery, and that feels pretty good. On the other hand, we can’t help but be aware of the hundreds of patients who had signed up-front, long-term contracts that are now struggling to find services and are out a significant amount of money. For patients of American Laser Skincare, which abruptly closed its doors in November, it must sting a little bit extra because this shock comes so close to the holidays.

With over a hundred locations nationwide, American Laser Skincare had thousands of patients, and many of those are likely now looking for services. We’re taking this opportunity to reach out to those former patients of American Laser Skincare and offer discounted services that can help you get cosmetic care you’re looking for—often with a substantial savings involved. We’re reaching out to our friends, family, and even making pitches through the media because we really believe that these spurned patients shouldn’t be left out to dry by something that is obviously beyond their control.

A Clear Mission

And we’re hoping those patients will also notice the Accents difference. Under the
guiding hand of Dr. Mark Berkowitz, Accents Cosmetic Surgery offers a wide variety of nonsurgical and surgical treatments. As a board-certified oculofacial surgeon, Dr. Berkowitz is an expert in the field that can tell you whether a simple laser procedure will do the trick or if you might need some minor, noninvasive surgery. In other words, the silver lining for you if you’re a former patient of American Laser Skincare is that at Accents Cosmetic Surgery, you can get a more complete cosmetic experience.

“We’re really inviting everyone to come in and just sit down for a consultation,” Dr. Berkowitz said. “The holidays are a pretty stressful time, so we find a lot of patients trying to fit in procedures. I always tell them, it’s okay, it’s not too late. But the sooner they call the better.”

Contact Us Today to Ensure Best Results

This is especially important for former patients of any practice that has recently closed down or gone bankrupt. Interrupting treatment can be exceptionally detrimental to your results, so if you had further treatments planned, the best way to achieve your desired looks are to follow through, even if that’s with another provider. By safeguarding your results, you’re also safeguarding your investment—in yourself. And the holidays are a great time to do that.

Of course, even if you’re not scheduled to have an update on your Botox, for example, until next year, we’re still suggesting you schedule a consultation, so the staff at Accents can get up to speed on your medical history and your previous treatments. And, of course, we treat all of our patients at Accents like family—we just want to know what you’ve been to lately!

So use this opportunity to swing by. Call and make an appointment for a consultation, or just contact us online.

If you’d like to know more, check out the press release we issued on this topic.