Have you tried dieting and exercise, but just can’t get rid of that belly fat? You’re not alone. For many of our Detroit plastic surgery patients, liposuction is the ideal method to slim belly fat and the only solution to truly win the battle of the bulge.

The Problem with Belly Fat

There’s a reason that belly fat is so notoriously hard to get rid of through conventional means like changing your eating habits and exercising. Fat around the abdomen often develops in response to other factors like aging and hormones and no amount of sit-ups or crunches is going to affect either of those.

For men, growing older means a drop in testosterone levels and an increase in estrogen. Higher estrogen levels can lead to more belly fat, and increased abdominal fat in turn produces more estrogen. It’s a vicious cycle. For women, the decrease in estrogen that’s associated with growing older impacts their fat distribution, sending more fat cells to the abdomen and changing their body shape.

Of course, age alone isn’t the only contributing factor for belly fat. Your natural genetic makeup makes you more susceptible to gaining weight in some places over others, and this can mean ending up with a paunch at a much earlier age than you would like.

How Liposuction Helps

Liposuction can be the ideal solution for beating belly fat. With liposuction, I make a small incision near the abdomen that’s just large enough to accommodate a cannula, or hollow surgical tube. I use the power of water jets to break up the fat deposits in the abdomen, and then remove the loosened fat cells with the cannula.

Fat cells are permanently removed, and you’re left with a slim belly at last.