We know just how excited you are to get your new, full head of hair. Our NeoGraft hair transplants offer unparalleled results that look and feel natural. The results are so good, even Dr. Berkowitz himself has undergone the procedure.

NeoGraft is a sophisticated hair transplant technique that lifts individual follicles of hair and transplants them onto the bald areas of the scalp. Recovery periods are shorter, and it doesn’t leave a linear scar on the back of your head. We offer NeoGraft hair transplants in Michigan at our cosmetic surgery facility.

The results are phenomenal, but you can get even better results if you care for it well.

Before Your Procedure

One of the things you can do before your procedure is to request for a hair transplant visualizer. Using computer generated images, we use your photograph and digitally add hair to it. It will give you a realistic representation of your results. The hair visualizer tool is a great way to see what can be achieved with our transplant techniques.

When preparing for the actual surgery day, be sure to follow the surgeon’s instruction. Rest up well, and don’t be nervous!

After Your Procedure

You will need a little bit of aftercare immediately after your procedure. After the anesthesia wears off, you will experience some discomfort and bruising along your hairline. Take the day off and be sure to rest to avoid irritating the area further.

If there’s a bandage around your head, do not remove it unless the doctor tells you to. Keep the area clean and dry. The swelling and bruising typically subsides in a couple of days.

Newly transplanted hair will form a scab around the follicle. This will feel itchy and uncomfortable, but it’s completely normal. Sleep in an upright position for the first couple of days to avoid accidentally rubbing the area in your sleep.

Never scratch or pick at the scabs! This could dislodge the new hair and affect the final results.

Ask your surgeon when it’s safe to wash your hair, and what to do next. If he prescribed antibiotics or painkillers, be sure to follow the instructions written on your prescription.
On average, it will take three to four months for your new hair to grow. This gives the scalp sufficient time to recover and to accept its new hair follicles. Just be patient and you will see the difference!

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