Coolsculpting is a Win-Win

Coolsculpting in Michigan is such a wonderful procedure, largely because it’s a win-win. Without the invasiveness of liposuction, we’re still able to target and eliminate fat. The cold that we use to freeze the fat also numbs your tissues, so the procedure is largely painless and the recovery is usually pretty quick. Which means you’ll notice the fat disappearing and some great tone developing after the procedure is over.

Certainly, the minimization of discomfort is something that appeals to our patients, but so too is the way the Coolsculpting results manifest over time. Yes, there will be a subtle, nearly immediate change, but the real results show over time as the fat in your abdomen dies (and therefore shrinks).

Quick and Convenient

The convenience of this procedure makes it a great option for busy professionals, looking to drop a couple of pounds to fit back into your best suit or your favorite outfit. You might not have time to boost your exercise routine before that big meeting, but you’ll probably have time for Coolsculpting in Detroit. Our patients get a nice little boost of confidence out of the deal, too. Not bad for a procedure that can be performed over a lunch hour or so. That said, everyone can benefit from the results, so the procedure has a broad appeal. Whether the biggest part of your day is meeting with clients or picking the kids up from school (or both), we know how good it feels to look your best.

And Coolsculpting makes that easy. In fact, we usually recommend that our patients bring something to occupy their time. Coolsculpting generally allows you to focus on other things during the procedure, such as listening to music or reading a book (you can bring your iPhone or your Kindle).

Get Ready to Go

The best part is that Coolsculpting preserves and highlights those contours that are most flattering. You get tone and you get curves, and you get less fat. So, if you’re thinking about Coolsculpting, or Fat Freeze, Accents has plenty of resources to get you ready.

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So if you’re ready for a flatter tummy that can still show off your curves, contact us today.