My Fat Freeze Experience!

So I’m actually hooked up to this machine right now as I write this…since I’m sitting here unable to move for 2 hours, I figured I could write down some thoughts and tips!

Let me start by saying, I’ve never gotten any plastic surgery done and I’m scared of needles, so, after losing over 30 lbs in the last 4 months I still have problem areas that I wanted to get rid of…which is why I came to Dr. Berkowitz to see how he could help me.

I was pretty nervous to do this whole thing, big machine, in the office and I can’t move for an hour, terrible combo if you ask me. However, I had to try this cause well, I do marketing for Dr. Berkowitz and I need to understand what I’m talking about!

So, today I’m getting two sessions done of the “Fat Freeze” and currently writing this during my second session.

First session went good, the cold doesn’t bother me at all and doc was right, this is PAINLESS! Essentially, it was the cold pack they put on first that’s super cold so be prepared for that, the next hour is easy. Bring your magazines, iPad or phone and just hang out. After the 60 minutes are up, comes the massage…ok so this is the only part I didn’t like, feels more like a sports massage or deep tissue to massage the skin back to normal from where it was “frozen”…however, if that’s the worst pain and I don’t have to go under the knife AND it’s affordable, I have already asked doc about the Fat Freeze for my stomach.

I do recommend this treatment for those of you that are looking to get rid of target areas of problem fat, may be scared of needles and surgery (like me) and/or that are looking for something affordable that won’t break the bank!

Written By: Sherrie Handrinos, Boost 1 Marketing