Before they choose eyelid surgery, men and women often try some surprising non-surgical treatments to keep their eyes looking younger. One of these intriguing solutions is the invention of “Frownies,” which are little stickers that you can wear overnight to prevent the formation of wrinkles as you sleep. Do Frownies really work, or are they just another gimmick used to put off a trip to your friendly neighborhood cosmetic surgeon?

Physical Wrinkle Barriers?

The concept of Frownies is to cause a physical barrier that actively prevents your skin from forming dynamic wrinkles. In a sense, they’re almost like BOTOX® Cosmetic for the surface of your skin, except the muscles aren’t actually frozen in place. Instead, the surface of the Frownies patches are moistened, and applied to the area before you go to sleep. While you sleep, the material physically prevents your skin from pushing into wrinkle formations, either as a result of your sleeping position or due to involuntary muscle contractions that occur in the night.

Long-Term Options

So, do Frownies really work? Plenty of positive online reviews swear by them. As for my professional opinion, I think Frownies are another anti-aging measure like drugstore wrinkle creams that may work preventatively for some people, at least for a while, but not for others.

The bottom line is that there aren’t any products that can actually prevent the aging process. Surgical procedures that physically tighten the lax muscles responsible for causing loose, wrinkled skin in the first place remain the most effective alternative for resolving advanced signs of aging around the eyes.