Strong, high cheekbones are one of the hallmarks of male beauty. Yet, not every man is naturally blessed with the perfect facial structure. Chubby cheeks that give a baby-faced appearance are a common reason for men to seek out cosmetic surgery. Cheek implants help men get the masculine facial definition they’ve always wanted.

Facial Slimming

The pads of fat in the cheeks are called buccal fat. Some Detroit men consider facial liposuction to eliminate the dreaded “chipmunk cheek” that can give an overly rounded look. However, this isn’t always advisable, particularly in younger men. Our faces naturally lose fat deposits as we age, and physically removing them earlier with liposuction can leave you looking very gaunt in your older years. This can have the unintended side effect of actually making you look older than your true age, something that sounds fine in your 20s, and like a terrible idea in your 40s.

How Implants Help

So how can adding implants help make the cheeks look smaller? Although cheek implants do add volume, they also add much-needed definition. Unlike smooth fat, the more well-defined cheek implants can give your cheekbones clean, strong lines, eliminating your “chipmunk cheeks” for good.

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