With Father’s Day approaching, now is a nice time to reflect on the years behind and look forward to the years ahead. As our children age—from toddlers on tricycles to teens graduating from high school—sometimes it’s hard not to feel older than we are. But it’s during these times of reflection that we have an opportunity to shave off some of those years looking back at you in the mirror. This Father’s Day, give yourself (or your father) the gift of a youthful look that emphasizes the years ahead.

To emphasize a general, youthful appearance, there are three basic procedures that Dr. Berkowitz recommends, and Accents Cosmetic Surgery provides, for his male patients. They are perfect for Father’s Day because they are, generally, low-key and noninvasive procedures that offer a quick recovery time. In other words, seeing yourself after these procedures is a lot like unwrapping a gift.

Hair Restoration

Dr. Berkowitz Male NeoGraft Photos
Let’s be honest: One of the first signs of aging is the loss of hair. If you’re a man, you look for this in the mirror (maybe when no one is watching), tugging on your hair to expose your scalp just to see if it’s all thinning out.

Accents Cosmetic Surgery offers Neograft® hair restoration that gently removes hair follicles and replaces them from the donor site one by one via tiny 1mm incisions. This promotes faster healing and leaves no visible scarring, leading to a more youthful, natural look. In fact, Dr. Berkowitz is such a big fan of this procedure that he’s undergone it himself. You can see more about his transformation here.

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Neck Lift

Next to a balding head, sometimes the most noticeable sign of aging can be a neck that is covered by wrinkles or encumbered by sagging skin. This can make you look a lot older than you feel. A neck lift is a surgical procedure in which Dr. Berkowitz will create small incisions and then stretch the skin to create a more youthful look. This procedure also involved removal of excess skin, so the results will last for years.

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Wrinkle Treatments

Sometimes the signs of aging are a little more superficial. When it comes to run-of-the-mill wrinkles—or even those entrenched smile lines—there are a myriad of solutions out there–almost too many. These procedures are all lumped under the banner of Wrinkle Treatments because they all operate under the same basic principle: injecting filler compounds into the skin to smooth out wrinkles. Many of these solutions can be administered over a lunch hour with minimal recovery and short to moderate lasting effects. Whether it’s Botox®, Artefill, or Juvederm, there’s probably something out there that will work for you.

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These procedures can be administered independently or coupled together in any combination. The important thing is that you end up with a look you like—a look that feels like you. If you’re interested in a Father’s Day gift that will get more wear than a neck-tie, contact Accents Cosmetic Surgery in Detroit, MI today for a no-pressure, confidential consultation. A Father’s Day that makes you feel younger could be the best gift of all. Contact us today.