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An Overview of Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

Your eyes play a major role in the overall appearance of your face. If your eyelids sag or you have crow’s feet, you may look considerably older and more tired than you feel. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is an effective solution for these problems. It involves correcting defects and abnormalities of the eyelids. These issues may … read more »

The benefits of cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery helps those with imperfections or areas of their body that are troublesome to correct with natural options to achieve a new level of self-confidence. This, in turn, aids in improving your mood on multiple levels. Improved self-confidence can actually help struggling relationships and can also aid with career advancement. Here are three common … read more »

Why laser blepharoplasty is so much better than traditional surgery

Blepharoplasty, cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, can have an amazing effect on the entire face. By removing sagging eyelids or bags under the eyes, patients can looker younger and more alert, and can really show off the sparkle in their eyes. However, one of the biggest questions that comes with blepharoplasty patients is whether they … read more »

How to Maximize Your Eyelift

For many men and women, Michigan eyelid surgery is a great solution for looking younger without committing to more involved procedures. While the results of an eyelift on its own can be impressive, there are a few other treatments you can include to help you look even more refreshed. The Power of Injectables Injectables have … read more »

Do “Frownies” Really Work?

Before they choose eyelid surgery, men and women often try some surprising non-surgical treatments to keep their eyes looking younger. One of these intriguing solutions is the invention of “Frownies,” which are little stickers that you can wear overnight to prevent the formation of wrinkles as you sleep. Do Frownies really work, or are they … read more »