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Where the Water Meets the WAL

When you think about liposuction, water probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, paired together, water and liposuction make quite the, uh, splash. It’s called Water-Assisted-Liposuction (WAL for short), and while there are plenty of devices in that vein out there, at Accents we like (and use) a system known as BodyJet liposuction. Our Michigan liposuction patients love it.


During your BodyJet procedure, Dr. Berkowitz will use a specialized tool that irrigates and aspirates fatty tissues—in other words, this tool saturates your fat with water, and then sucks all the water out along with the fat (kind of like water going down a drain—it takes everything with it). The advantage here is that water molecules love to connect with other water molecules—a wet sponge is more absorbent than a dry sponge. So, the water actually helps separate your fatty tissues from the rest of your tissue.

And once the fat is separated, it’s much easier to extract—and, therefore, the entire process is less stressful on your body.

Water’s Added Benefits

The presence of so much water has a couple of added benefits. First, and most noticeable immediately, is a lack of bruising. Because your epidermis (that’s fancy name for skin) is saturated with moisture, it’s more flexible, and more resilient, so bruising is far less common. This is also beneficial for your recovery, as it gives your body fewer things to heal—which means less pain overall.

Speaking of pain, another benefit of WAL is less pain. Patients remain alert and awake throughout the procedure, and while there is certainly some discomfort, which patients describe as a “pressure” feeling, very few patients report any pain during the procedure. Indeed, even after the procedure, patients are able to resume normal (not necessarily heavy) activity the next day.

Water and Changing Mass

One of the drawbacks of traditional liposuction methods is that the removal of fat is not necessarily an exact science—there are variables that simply cannot be routinely accounted for. One of those variables is the saturation of the fat tissues which are being extracted and sculpted. If the fatty tissues are overly saturated when the procedure is performed, they may—essentially—dry out, changing the overall effect to a higher degree than would be preferred. Likewise, the opposite result may occur.

Water-Assisted-Liposuction, essentially, eliminates this variable. That means that the results are more predictable, and you’re more assured of getting that final look you desire.


The other wonderful thing about WAL is that it can be combined with many other procedures. Not only can WAL be combined with other liposuction techniques, such as our laser liposuction system SmartLipo Triplex, but many of our patients also choose to put their fat to use by electing for a fat injection. The target of those injections is often the lower jaw or the lips. So when you think about it a certain way, you’re getting more bang for your buck. You’re getting rid of some of that unwanted fat around your belly or hips (or neck or arms—the list goes on) and getting some extra volume right where you want it.

Recovery and Results

The pain associated with WAL is usually so light that most patients can get by with little more than extra strength Tylenol. Patients can also expect to resume normal, daily activities as early as the day after the procedure—though you’ll want to talk to Dr. Berkowitz before scheduling your next marathon.

Because of the nature of the WAL procedure, some of your results will be visible right away. But it may take some time for the swelling to subside and some of that extraneous fatty tissue to die—and that’s when you’ll notice the full benefits of the procedure.

If you’re interested in seeing what Water-Assisted-Liposuction and BodyJet can do for you, contact us today!

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Mention this blog at your consultation for $250 off any Water-Assisted-Liposuction procedure!