The intense Michigan winters can leave skin ravaged and prematurely aged, leading many locals to consider getting a face lift in Detroit. Hearing about a less invasive alternative for rejuvenation can be very tempting. Yet, are the results of a nonsurgical face lift really comparable to traditional plastic surgery?

The Liquid Face Lift

The liquid face lift is perhaps the most well-known nonsurgical facial rejuvenation technique in use these days. Despite its name, it’s not really a surgery. Instead, a combination of dermal fillers work together to increase volume in areas that look hollow, like the tear troughs. Deeper lines and wrinkles caused by volume loss can also be minimized using dermal fillers.

At the same time, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be included to temporarily paralyze the facial muscles responsible for the continued contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles around the eyes and through the forehead. Resurfacing treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing can all help even out skin tone for a healthy, glowing look.

The idea behind the liquid face lift is that you can look younger without surgery or scars by using a combination of minimally invasive procedures instead, and many patients are thrilled with their new look.

Is a Liquid Face Lift Right for You?

Not every procedure is right for every patient. If the signs of aging in your face are the result of changes in the muscle structure rather than surface damage, fillers will only provide a very temporary solution. Surgery offers true structural repair to tighten lax facial muscles and remove loose skin for a smoother, younger look.

Until those changes occur, though, it’s definitely a good idea to take advantage of the liquid face lift as long as you can.